How do I Watch TV on a PC?

Adam Hill

As communications technology has advanced, some electronic devices have begun to be incorporated into each other. One example is that most mobile phones now come with integrated digital cameras. Another way in which this occurs is the fact that we can now watch TV on a PC, or personal computer. There are various ways this can be done, depending on each person's preference, but all of them allow a person the option of television entertainment on a computer.

Some devices allows users to connect coaxial cables to get a television signal on their computers.
Some devices allows users to connect coaxial cables to get a television signal on their computers.

One way in which it is possible to watch TV on a PC is on the websites of television networks. The five main broadcast networks in the United States offer full episodes of many of their television shows for viewing on the internet. These episodes are usually available within roughly a week from the original airing, and remain available on the site for limited number of weeks. One advantage of viewing television this way is that the commercial breaks tend to be shorter. It is also possible to begin watching from any point in the episode.

The official websites of television networks are not the only places on the internet that make it possible to watch TV on a PC. The website, which was started as a joint venture between the parent companies of the American networks NBC and FOX, also offers full episodes of many television shows from a large number of cable and broadcast networks. Due to licensing restrictions, the content on is only available in the United States.

The widest variety of television shows is available on the website This site may be one of the best ways to watch TV on a PC. While the site itself does not host or stream any content, it directs users to locations on many sites where the TV shows and movies they are interested in are available. These outside websites may be located on servers all around the world, and users should take the appropriate precautions to avoid accidentally picking up a computer virus from one of them.

Another way to watch TV on a PC is with a TV tuner used as part of a PC. These devices usually plug into a PC, and also have a place to attach a coaxial cable, through which a TV signal is brought in. This allows the user to watch live television on a computer, and many models come with the ability to rewind, pause, and record programming onto the computer hard drive. The Slingbox™ is a similar product, which transmits the TV signal to a computer over a high-speed internet connection, allowing for remote viewing.

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