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What is Slingplayer Mobile™?

Anurag Ghosh
Anurag Ghosh

Slingplayer Mobile™ is a mobile application which allows users to watch television on their cell phones. Users will first have to connect the Slingbox™ device to their televisions. To watch TV on their mobile devices, they'll also need Slingplayer Mobile™ software. This software connects to the Slingbox™ device and offers an interface for viewing streaming video. TV programs can be watched anywhere in the world over wireless internet connections such as Wi-Fi® or EV-DO (Evolution Data Only/Evolution Data Optimized).

It is rather simple to install the Slingplayer Mobile™ application for the Windows Mobile® platform. You will have to visit the slingmedia website through your smartphone, subscribe to the site and download a suitable version for the mobile device. The next step is the synchronization process. You will have to sync it over to your Windows Mobile device using ActiveSync. This process automatically imports the finder ID of your Slingbox™ device. Just open the application on your smart phone, then access the Slingbox™ directory and then you'll be connected with your home TV within a few seconds.

Slingplayer Mobile™ also works with a TiVo® or other DVR (Digital Video Recorder) specifically made for phones. You can record your television programs from a remote location by just tapping on the record button with your smart phone’s stylus.

The Slingplayer Mobile™ app is available for a variety of smartphones.
The Slingplayer Mobile™ app is available for a variety of smartphones.

There are various features available with the Slingplayer Mobile™ application. Users can easily change channels and perform certain commands for a rich TV viewing experience. The application populates channel logos in its two rows consisting of seven boxes. Users will just have to tap on a channel box to view it. There are also shortcuts like instant replay and last channel that are used for watching previously loaded TV channels with ease. The application also supports portrait and landscape modes. The landscape mode helps to get a bigger picture of the shows.

You can watch Slingplayer Mobile™ over wireless internet connections like Wi-Fi® or EV-DO, a wireless 3G broadband service. Watching your favorite television shows over Wi-Fi® connection is good compared to watching a show over an EV-DO connection which may cause some blurriness.

Slingplayer Mobile™ was first made available only for the Windows Mobile® platform, but was later extended to other platforms including Blackberry® OS, Palm® OS and Nokia Symbian® OS. Unlike the Slingplayer™ software, which is available free for download, the mobile version requires a one-time registration fee.

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    • The Slingplayer Mobile™ app is available for a variety of smartphones.
      By: N-Media-Images
      The Slingplayer Mobile™ app is available for a variety of smartphones.