What are Business Telecommunications?

Erin J. Hill

Business telecommunications involve devices, networks, and equipment that are used to help businesses connect with customers and colleagues. This can include basic things like telephone and fax, and more recent technologies such as voice over Internet (VoIP) services. The types of telecommunications used may vary from company to company, and will depend widely on the business's individual needs.

Faxes can be sent through the internet, but some businesses still operate with a standard fax machine.
Faxes can be sent through the internet, but some businesses still operate with a standard fax machine.

Telephone and fax services are perhaps the most well known business telecommunications, primarily because they have been around the longest. Even with new trends being used in larger numbers every year, the basic phone and fax system is still viable and relevant for many businesses. This holds especially true for companies who operate locally and do not need costly long distance services.

The Internet is also involved with business telecommunications, both as a stand alone feature and as a vehicle for other technologies to be used. Research is primarily done online now as opposed to looking things up in books and other printed references, and emails are regularly sent in lieu of standard letters. The Internet is also convenient for sending instant messages to clients or coworkers rather than waiting for an email reply or phone call.

Use of the Internet has also brought about other emerging and current technologies, such as VoIP. This is a phone service that can be used via the Internet. Instead of making calls from a standard phone line, they can be made directly from a computer. VoIP is generally much less expensive than conventional phone service, and often includes unlimited long distance service for no additional charge.

Faxes can also be sent through the Internet just as phone calls can be. A fax number will still be given, and other businesses who are operating from a standard fax machine can send documents straight to a virtual web-based fax program. Using a fax modem and the appropriate software or online service, faxes can be sent from a computer to a fax machine as well.

Business telecommunications are often available in packages or bundled services that make using more than one service at a time more affordable. This is especially important because, since most businesses have several telephone lines and require multiple services, these services can become quite pricey. Bundled services may include Internet, fax, and phone services for one monthly rate.

Many businesses offer business telecommunications services, so it's important that a company do research to find what packages may be available. No one package is suited for every business. For example, if a business rarely contacts clients who live out of town, phone services with unlimited long distance may not be worth the cost.

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The great thing about VoIP is that long distance charges are a thing of the past, since international calls are charged at the local rate of the country being called. Thanks to VoIP, businesses of any size can have an international presence.


i think this article gives concise information that any person new to the biz tel world would need at first glance. -- gilbert, makerere university, uganda


I am an engineering student. your article helped me lot. thanks for the article.

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