What is Telecommunications Software?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Telecommunications software is any type of software package that aids in the process of electronic communications, especially those that involve the transmission of audio in some manner. There are many different types of software designed to handle telecommunication functions in various settings, ranging from simple software that is installed and utilized by an end user, to the software that is necessary to drive the function of entire networks. Depending on the purpose of the software, it may be used to drive wireless devices as well as those used to drive fiber optic and copper wire networks.

Group of businesspeople using telecommunications software in a web conference.
Group of businesspeople using telecommunications software in a web conference.

Some of the most basic of all types of telecommunications software are the packages designed to allow the local telephone switch to receive and send signals. The software programs help to control the orderly processing of these signals each time a telephone connection is established with any end user in the subscription area. Software not only helps to establish the connection, but also monitor the strength of the connection and trigger functions to compensate for noise on the line and thus decrease the chances of a disconnect taking place. Software of this type has become increasingly sophisticated as signaling has moved from analog to digital transmissions.

Telecommunications software allows calls to be placed around the world.
Telecommunications software allows calls to be placed around the world.

Software for wireless telecommunications is another commonly used product. Like the software found at local telephone switches, various types of wireless communication software help equipment to receive and send signals that are strong and secure. Software helps to compensate for differences in frequency and modulation, which can be extremely important when establishing and maintaining a connection over long distances.

Other types of telecommunication software make it possible to enjoy forms of audio and visual communication that were not possible just a few years ago. Software drives online applications such as web conferencing, allowing both voice and visuals to be transmitted and interactive with a number of people at the same time. Online residential telephone service that allows calls to be placed around the world is also driven by software created for that specific purpose. The end result is that today’s software greatly reduces the cost of holding electronic meetings of this type, making them available to wider market of clients.

Some forms of telecommunications software are proprietary in nature, meaning they are developed by specific companies for use in their own networks. Other software options are manufactured for use by a number of different telecommunication carriers and networks, and may even be customized for specific uses.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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Does anyone know some good telecommunications software that allows you to not only contact landline phones, but also provides you with a number to receive calls at? One that also offers an answering service would be great too.

I am curious about the cost involved in this kind of software as I don't need a traditional landline phone. I am often in different countries and long distance calling is expensive. I would still like to be reached at one number though.

I think that being able to take my number with me, without any additional cost to the people phoning it would be great.


Telecommunications software available online has made my life a lot easier. Moving away from just text messaging, I love how most online software now implements voice and video conferencing.

I spend a lot of time abroad and software like Skype and MSN has been fantastic for keeping in touch with my friends and family back home.

It's great to be able to see the people I miss and talk with them for free. Before this technology took hold I spent a fortune on long distance calling. I think that making this software easy to use and accessible to everyone is a great way to let people keep in touch.

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