What are Data Mining Tools?

Jason C. Chavis

Data mining tools are software components and theories that allow users to extract information from data. The tools provide individuals and companies with the ability to gather large amounts of data and use it to make determinations about a particular user or groups of users. Some of the most common uses of data mining tools are in the fields of marketing, fraud protections and surveillance.

Information may be extracted from raw data using data mining tools.
Information may be extracted from raw data using data mining tools.

The manual extraction of data has existed for hundreds of years. However, the automation of data mining has been most prevalent since the dawn of the computer age. During the 20th century, various computer sciences emerged to help support the concept of developing data mining tools. The overall goal of the utilization of the tools is to uncover hidden patterns. For example, if a marketing company finds that a person takes a monthly trip from New York City to Los Angeles, it becomes beneficial for that company to advertise details of the destination to the individual.

The goal of using data mining tools is to uncover hidden patterns in information.
The goal of using data mining tools is to uncover hidden patterns in information.

Within the data mining industry, standards have been established to define the parameters of the use of data mining tools. Annually, the Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (SIGKDD) holds a meeting to determine what processes are used. The same group is also responsible for assessing the ethical implications of the analysis of data from individuals and companies. A biannual journal is published by the group entitled SIGKDD Explorations.

The most prevalent tool used in data mining is the process called Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD). KDD was developed in 1989 by Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro. Using this data mining tool, users are able to process raw data, mine the data for information and interpret the various results in the form of information management.

One of the most important forms of data mining tools is used for combating terrorism in the 21st century. In the United States, the National Research Council uses the concepts of pattern mining and subject-based data mining to identify terrorist activity in the large pool of information around the world. Pattern mining is defined by the process of locating patterns within a large volume of data. Subject-based data mining attempts to identify relationships between individuals. Both techniques can also be utilized in general business practice by defining the mindset of a customer base and the interactive relationship between customers.

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i work on IDS using data mining technique. my concept requires me to generate a transactional feature sequence using the online transaction query so please suggest to me some tools that can be used for feature sequence generation.



You raise a legitimate point, but I think that your qualms might be going a little too far. Your identity is in no way "owned" by the internet; only what you choose to be made known online is there, and most of your important information is (hopefully) put on secure https servers. It takes common sense to know what and what not to make public.


I consider it a bit invasive that so much of my personal information is exploited for advertising on the internet. If it is true that many details about me and my interests are so accessible, what is to prevent someone from saying I am, in a sense, "owned" by the internet? All of my identity is online, and someone with malicious intention might be empowered by easy-access details about me.


I can see the effects of web data mining every time I sign onto Facebook or check my email. While I am bothered every time my profile pages offer me sites to meet single Christian men or buy yarn, I have to admit that these people are good- I can see why the data mining concepts work. If you are constantly bombarded with things that some sort of company has already determined you want, eventually you may break down and click on a link or type in a website. If not while viewing the sites, you might at least remember a web address or brand name later when shopping for the product voluntarily.

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