What are Managed Security Services?

Malcolm Tatum

Managed security services involve various approaches that help to ensure the control and maintenance of the security of a network. In some instances, managed security services will address the overall security of the network, or provide varying levels of security to sections of servers or even to specific workstations that are attached to the network. The process of managed security can be handled as an in-house initiative by an information technology team, or outsourced to a service provider.

Managed firewalls are information security systems that are constantly monitored and updated by computer analysts.
Managed firewalls are information security systems that are constantly monitored and updated by computer analysts.

As the use of computers have become more crucial to the efficient function of the workplace, the need for increased security has become apparent. Many companies consider managed security services to be as important to the business operation as the production process itself. Addressing the security needs of big and small businesses has led to the creation of an industry of service providers who will evaluate the computer networks of a corporation and recommend managed security services protocols to ensure that proprietary information cannot be accessed by unauthorized personnel.

Along with limiting access to confidential electronic documents and other files, managed security services can also help to prevent the introduction of undesirable software elements into the network. MSS can help to repel viruses that are transmitted by email, as well as limit the action of spyware and adware as users browse or otherwise make use of the Internet. These functions make the use of managed security services attractive for both home and business users.

The strategies involved with managed security services will vary based on the needs of the end user. For corporations, the use of firewalls is a common way of limiting access to key files and documents, as well as preventing the infestation of a network by a virus. Setting security clearances that are encrypted and require specific credentials also helps to record who attempts to gain access to a given document, as well as recording when the attempt was made.

Most types of managed security services can be programmed to operate in a fully automated fashion, but some examples do allow technicians and other authorized personnel to manually intervene is there is a need to alter some aspect of security in some manner.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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