What are Management Information Systems?

Derek Schauland

Management information systems (MIS) are methods of using technology to help organizations better manage people and make decisions. Managers use management information systems to gather and analyze information about various aspects of the organization, such as personnel, sales, inventory, production or other applicable factors. Management information systems can be used to evaluate the performance of the organization as a whole, certain departments or even individuals. Other management systems, such as supply chain management and project management, are often included under the label of management information systems.

Managers analyze data using management information systems.
Managers analyze data using management information systems.

Tool for Managers

In many companies, management information systems are used to create reports on things such as sales, revenue and production. These reports are provided at regular intervals to managers at all levels to help them evaluate their companies' performance. By comparing daily, weekly or monthly reports to previous reports, managers are able to spot trends, such as revenue growth or reduction.

Management information systems (MIS) are computer systems, as well as the ways in which systems are organized and used.
Management information systems (MIS) are computer systems, as well as the ways in which systems are organized and used.

Before the development of MIS computer programs, managers often had to rely on their own observations or assorted reports compiled manually. MIS technology, however, allows all of the information to be gathered, organized, processed and analyzed more efficiently. In many cases, information is automatically fed into an organization's MIS programs as it entered into the organization's computer network. For example, as soon as a sale is recorded, the company's MIS could be updated with that information, allowing a manager to see sales reports in real time, if necessary. In theory, having information that is current, accurate and well-organized will help managers make better decisions for their organizations.

Information Technology

In some organizations, the management information systems department is the same thing as what other organizations might refer to as the information technology (IT) department. In these instances, the MIS department manages the computer and technological resources for the organization. These kinds of management information systems also involve all of the data and information that is necessary to run the organization but are more focused on the technology for gathering and organizing it than on generating reports for managers. Providing security for the computer network and the information that is stored on it is another area of focus for these kinds of management information systems.

As a Field of Study

Many colleges and business schools offer MIS degrees. People who earn these degrees might go into careers such as business analysts, IT consultants, network administrators and information systems managers. Some of the qualities of people who are successful in this field include communication skills, problem-solving skills, the ability to use technology for strategic purposes, the ability to think creatively to solve problems and the ability to put their ideas into practice.

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@Anon139525: Yes, lots.


any internships for this?


@Kamchatka - I have never thought about that! From reading the information at the end of the article, you might want to think it is, but I don't really think you can count sweepstakes entry forms as a management information system. While it -is- getting your information and such, the sole purpose behind these forms is to gather information to tally up entries and not for a specific purpose other than that.

However, some of these forms have ulterior motives (a lot, actually) and gather your information in order to e-mail you spam, get you on a mailing list, or call you non-stop. I think if this is the case that there is a small possibility this could be a MIS.


After reading this article, I'm wondering one thing (and you're probably going to laugh) - are the entry forms for sweepstakes considered a management information system?


Data management system software can help you with your MIS and everything it involves. There are several ways to go about choosing a DM software, but it's best to shop around for at least a day or so in order to soak all the good information in.

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