What are the Different Kinds of Earbud Covers?

Dee Saale
Dee Saale

Today, many people own a cell phone, mp3 player, or other device that demands the use of small, in-ear headphones called earbuds. As a result, there has been an increase in the types of earbud covers that are available to consumers. They are typically made from silicone or foam. Once a consumer decides what material she prefers, she can start looking at the wide range of options. These covers come in all colors, shapes, and sizes, allowing people to select covers as personal to them as they want.

Handheld MP3 player with earbud headphones.
Handheld MP3 player with earbud headphones.

Although there are many different kinds of earbud covers, most types are either made of silicone or foam. The silicone covers are usually softer to the touch on the outside. This allows them to fit securely inside the ear. The snug seal provided by the silicone covers stops sound from escaping from the ear canal as well. As a result, they can be worn in libraries, at work, or other places where a silent atmosphere must be maintained.

A second, less expensive option is earbud covers made from foam. Typically, a consumer will get more covers for less money, in comparison to silicone covers. These covers typically fit around the earbud alone. They can be rather thick, allowing for a good fit in some people. In the alternative, some people claim that the foam earbud covers are overly thick, causing their ears to feel pressure and pain.

Many earbud covers can be purchased in several sizes, ranging from extra-small to extra-large. Other brands of covers are one-size fits all. In addition, some covers are made specifically for a certain brand of earbud, while others will fit several different earbud brands.

Many consumers are drawn to the abundance of colors and designs that are available. There are earbud covers that are solid in color and can range anywhere from black to pink to yellow. There are covers that have designs on them as well. These designs can include college or professional sports team logos, flags, flames, and flowers, just to name a few. They can even be custom designed, if a specific business, organization, club, or other group wants covers that are specific to them.

Some earbud covers are washable and can be used for long periods of time. Other covers are disposable and are only used a few times before they are replaced. Some covers wrap around the entire earbud, while others only cover the mesh speaker on the earbud. In all, there are many different kinds of earbud covers, it is up to the consumer to decide what fits best in her lifestyle.

Dee Saale
Dee Saale

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