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What Are the Different Types of 3D Computer Glasses?

Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes

Three-dimensional (3D) television screens are becoming popular in home entertainment. These screens require 3D computer glasses to view the advanced special effects provided by the screens. 3D glasses come in many sizes and are typically available in either disposable or durable plastic frames. 3D glasses are available with either active or passive lens and use special color filters to create a three-dimensional view.

Three-dimensional glasses can be divided into two categories: the standard red and blue filter glasses and the more modern polarized glasses. Both glasses require special projection screens for viewing, but each is designed for a specific type of movie screen. Red and blue filter glasses were used in early 3D films, whereas polarized glasses are designed for modern 3D films.

3D glasses may be used for gaming.
3D glasses may be used for gaming.

Polarized 3D computer glasses have either an active or passive shutter lens filter. This is how the glasses make the eyes see colors or shapes in motion on the movie screen. Active 3D glasses use battery power because the lens shutter is synchronized with the video game or movie to open and close with the action. Passive glasses simple filter specific colors and are typically less expensive than active versions.

Most video game systems use the active polarized form of 3D computer glasses. These game accessories work on 3D video games and modern 3D television or movie screens. Video game glasses are typically made with plastic frames and are powered by small batteries. Most video game glasses include flashy patterns or designs that match the video game console.

The older versions of passive red and blue 3D computer glasses are typically made from cardboard and light red and blue foil paper. These glasses are not intended for long-term usage but are great for classic 3D movies. Modern televisions and 3D movies theaters use polarized glasses, which produce a better picture quality than older 3D movies.

Several modern 3D computer glasses have a futuristic style and appearance. These glasses are more expensive than standard glasses but give the game player a custom look that is similar to motorcycle sunglasses. The glasses use small three-volt watch batteries, which can be purchased at most watch shops or retail stores.

Active polarized 3D glasses are available in either wireless or wired versions. This wire receives signals from the television, which changes the color filter on the lens as the action changes on the movie. Wireless glasses are more convenient and less cumbersome than wired versions.

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    • 3D glasses may be used for gaming.
      By: godfer
      3D glasses may be used for gaming.