What Are the Different Types of ATM Code?

Jean Marie Asta

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are one of the most convenient machines available to people, whether they are a few blocks from their house or in another country. ATMs allow people to pull money from their account, check their balance, or, if in another country, withdraw money in the foreign currency. While these machines can be very useful, they can also be dangerous, given that if someone gains access to someone else's account, customers could end up with their identities or large sums of money stolen. An ATM code prevents strangers from accessing your financial information.

An individual customer's code is always the same.
An individual customer's code is always the same.

There are a number of types of ATMs, such as a mobile ATM, cashless ATM, or ATMs in foreign countries. To do transactions at each of these types of ATMs, users will have to enter the code issued to them by the bank when they opened the account. This code will always be used to access financial information at an ATM after swiping their card. The only way this ATM code is changed is if a customer visits or calls his or her bank to change it. This typically will be in the event of losing the card and needing to have it replaced.

An ATM code is also known as a PIN, and ensures only the cardholder can make transactions.
An ATM code is also known as a PIN, and ensures only the cardholder can make transactions.

Mobile ATMs are rented out from ATM companies by people organizing a large event that will attract a big crowd. For example, a large music festival would typically have on-site mobile ATMs. Cashless ATMs are usually specific to certain businesses. Rather than withdrawing money from one of these ATMs, the customer can obtain a receipt from it that is good for the amount of money put on it. The receipt will work as currency within the store that holds the cashless ATM.

There are also ATMs set up in foreign countries that can be used as easily as those in a person’s native country. The customer would select their language and enter their ATM code just as they would at home. They can withdraw money in the currency of the country they are in, making the ATM a convenient means of exchanging currency.

Ultimately, the difference in ATM code comes down to the different types of ATMs. A customer’s code itself is the same for each of these types of machines unless they have it changed. Each type of ATM contains information that is encrypted in various ways, but a personal ATM code and check card will always give customers access to their account.

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