What are the Different Types of Computer Spy Software?

G. Wiesen

There are quite a few different types of computer spy software, though in general they tend to break down into a few categories. Keylogging software is quite popular and allows a program to track entries made on a keyboard and then send that information to a remote location. There are also computer spy software programs that can be used to monitor activities on a computer, allowing someone to see what websites a person visits and even see what a person is doing on another computer in real time.

Children should be well-supervised while online, which may include using computer spy software.
Children should be well-supervised while online, which may include using computer spy software.

Computer spy software is a program that can be installed onto a computer and allow someone else to be aware of various activities for which that computer is used. One of the most common types of computer spy software is a keylogger or keylogging program. Keylogging is a process by which any keys that are pressed, whether for typing an e-mail or entering a password on a website, are recorded and tracked in hidden files. Keylogger software will then allow someone else to access these files from a remote location or send the files automatically to a particular e-mail address.

There are also keylogging devices that can be physically connected to a computer. These devices are typically small and can be connected to the back of a computer through a universal serial bus (USB) port. Once connected, the device logs all keystrokes just like a keylogger computer spy software program, then someone can remove the device and connect it to another computer to view logged keystrokes.

Computer spy software that allows someone to monitor all activities on a computer is also quite popular. These programs can track websites visited, files opened or created, keystrokes entered, and even take screenshots of various websites and save them for future viewing. All of this information can then be accessed remotely by another user or sent to another computer on a regular basis. This type of software allows an employer to be aware of inappropriate websites employees are visiting or to allow a parent to monitor the activities of children on a household computer.

Some computer spy software can even allow someone to view what another person is doing on a different computer in real time. This type of software allows a computer user to turn his or her computer monitor into a virtual desktop that mimics the actions taken by another user. By using this type of program, someone can see what another computer user is doing in real time, and view websites visited as well as programs used by the other person.

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