What Are the Different Types of Tweeter Speakers?

Alex Newth

A tweeter loudspeaker is used for high-frequency sounds, typically those sounds used to repel animals or to produce high-frequency noises in songs, movies and other audio. There are many tweeter speakers, such as the cone speaker, which has a small and fast cone and looks like a woofer. The dome tweeter is formed like a dome, has larger voice coils than most other tweeter speakers and is normally used for high-quality systems. A ribbon tweeter uses a rapidly moving ribbon that is lightweight, but it typically this needs more power than the other tweeters to make high-frequency sounds. Air motion transfer (AMT) systems use air to create high-frequency sounds, and they tend to have fewer parts but can be difficult for designers to create.

Different types of loudspeakers work together to produce all of the sounds required.
Different types of loudspeakers work together to produce all of the sounds required.

Cone tweeter speakers normally look circular on the outside, but there is a small cone inside that is built from stiff or soft material, or both. Stiff material, such as ceramic, is more durable; softer materials such as fabric have a better dampening effect. When a high-frequency sound is in the audio, the cone rapidly moves to produce the noise. While these are cheap and easy to produce, they are uncommon because they cannot disperse sound as well as other tweeters.

Dome tweeter speakers are usually larger than other tweeters, and they also have a longer voice coil. The voice coil, which is usually 1.5 inches (3.8 centimeters), is hidden behind a soft or somewhat soft material, such as thin metal mesh or fabric. This dome protects the voice coil, and the softness of the dome makes it easier for high-frequency sounds to be produced. They are normally good at dispersing high-frequency sounds, so dome tweeters are commonly used.

Ribbon tweeter speakers require a thin and lightweight ribbon wire to produce high-frequency sounds. These tweeters tend to use much more power than other tweeters to make the wire move quickly enough; otherwise, the ribbon will not be able to function properly. High-powered ribbon tweeters have higher dispersion rates and can be stacked together for powerful results.

AMT tweeter speakers function by using air and pushing it through a mesh. Air is responsible for making the high-frequency sounds, so these tweeters have fewer moving parts and tend to be more durable. They are typically only made as high-end equipment, so these tweeters are generally expensive and can be difficult for designers to create without interrupting the high-frequency sound production.

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