What Is a Data Composite?

Malcolm Tatum

A data composite is a term that may refer either to a type of computer program or to a process that brings together an assortment of data that is compiled into a single working unit or form. With both strategies, the intended purpose of the composite is to create a means of accessing the data quickly and easily, while also allowing the possibility of relating different types of data in a manner that is logical. The process of creating a data composite may be very simple or somewhat involved, depending on the type of data collected for the purpose and the way that the information is arranged.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

As it relates to a computer program, a data composite seeks to establish some sort of database that is capable of importing relevant information, then allowing users to access and sort that data based on the structure of different queries. This is sometimes known as a reverse engineer of data, in that information stored in the database can be readily retrieved using a number of different parameters. In this application, the data composite makes it possible to identify specific information contained in the database, set the limits on the retrieval based on which fields to search or even the use of keywords to conduct the search. The end result is a composite of data that contains every bit of information relevant to the query that the database has to offer.

A broader application of the data composite has to do with collecting data from a variety of sources, then using software to prioritize, arrange, and generally massage the collected data into a format that can be treated as a single unit. This approach is common when it is not practical to gather all the relevant information into a single database. With an application of this type, data may be pulled from multiple sources, then used to create documents, slide presentations, and other types of electronic media. Businesses sometimes use this approach to a data composite as means of gathering data to include in a sales proposal, drawing on multiple sources and importing key data into a single project document.

With either incarnation, the data composite actively draws on sources of data, then presents that information in a fashion that the end user can utilize in order to meet a particular goal. The effectiveness of the process depends on the sources that must be accessed to collect the information, and how the query for the data is constructed. Under the best of circumstances, the collection process can proceed with very little delay and assembling the information into a coherent and usable format can be managed in a short period of time.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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