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What is a Digital Media Network?

Nathan Spicer
Nathan Spicer

A digital media network is a network consisting of different facets of digital media, such as advertising, television properties, Internet properties, and a wide selection of digital material. Digital media networks develop strategies and efficient approaches to maximizing a company’s growth and presence in the digital sphere. Such strategies may include the promotion and management of site domains, Internet and television advertising, and multitudes of other digital facets.

Often, a digital media network manages national campaigns or large businesses that spread across a country, as well as localized properties created for a specific audience within a general proximity. Gannett Digital Media Network, for example, consists of more than 100 digital communities and reaches a combined approximation of 25 million people. They own both national and localized properties. If the network is large enough, it may even reach overseas; Gannett handles newspaper publications in the United Kingdom, for instance.

Woman doing a handstand with a computer
Woman doing a handstand with a computer

Some digital media networks focus primarily on digital advertising. Such companies handle a set of output devices that are networked together and remotely controlled by a network operator. The output devices consist mainly of computer monitors, LCD screens, plasma display panels, and the like. These devices can be placed in any environment in which one wishes to display information, usually pertaining to advertising or deeper information relating to a corporation.

For example, a gym owner may wish to hire a digital media network to handle their local advertising by placing an LCD screen outside his or her establishment. The digital media network will control what appears on the screen, when it appears, and other aspects of the advertising. The images are controlled remotely, so they can be altered at will to display changes and updated information. This adaptability becomes necessary when rapid changes are a common source of frustration for a company. A small business that handles computer hardware, for example, must constantly update prices to reflect advancements in technology, and a digital media network can help facilitate those updates.

A digital media network allows for more of a centralized focus for its properties. Marketing and operating strategies adhere to standards set by the network. Being a part of a large digital media network usually provides some advantages that are not available to smaller corporations, such as funding for multiple projects, broader advertising capabilities, and more exposure for a company. The digital media network owns the property, but the property benefits from that ownership thanks to the being included under the watch of vast corporation.

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@burcinc-- Digital media networks can definitely handle social media ads and networking sites for a company. This type of network basically deals with all types of digital media marketing and internet marketing is a huge sector now. All businesses want to utilize opportunities on the net to increase their customer base.

Usually, this involves maintaining online accounts for a firm and using digital media to advertise services and products. These advertisements can be placed on popular websites. The digital media network also does research. So they will figure out which sites are best for the ads of a specific company based on the type of people (gender, age group, geographic location) that visit the site. So the company gets the most out of the marketing campaign.

I think all firms and companies need o work with a digital media network if they want to expand their business.


What about digital media network and online ads? How do those work? Do these networks also work on social media sites?


Plasma display panels are very popular in downtown urban areas where there is a lot of people likely to see them. They cost more, so the reach has to be wide for it to be worth it. But this is really the future or traditional billboards for advertisement.

As for using LCD screens and local advertisement, I'm not sure that they're worth it. I think that hiring a digital media network will probably end up being too expensive for small businesses. Even though the network may just be changing ads, I think there are more cost-effective marketing methods for local businesses that can probably use the extra money.

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    • Woman doing a handstand with a computer
      Woman doing a handstand with a computer