What is a Gaming Chair?

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

There are many ways to extend the pleasure of playing a video game, and one of these is the gaming chair. These chairs come in many potential styles, may have anything from vinyl or cloth covering to expensive leather upholstery, and they’re designed to make the gaming experience more comfortable. According to manufacturers, such seats are not just for relaxed seating but additionally provide many different features that enhance gaming experience.

Gaming chairs may contain pockets for storing game controllers.
Gaming chairs may contain pockets for storing game controllers.

The typical gaming chair styles may sit on the floor with the ability to rock, or they may be built on rockers, sliders, or small pedestals. PC gaming chairs bear similarity to an office chair. Except for the office chair style, quite a few chairs resemble seats found in a car. The shorter chairs may have extra features like an extended leg rest. Some styles are more upright to mimic certain of actions that a person might be simulating in a game, such as a flying or driving.

Design may take into account a number of things. First, comfort is essential so hours of gaming don’t result in an aching posterior. To achieve this, some kind of movement feature is often part of the gaming chair style. Many of them rock back and forth or have a sliding element, and some of the chairs have an independent motion system or move more fluidly with the body. Given this movement, having a gaming chair mat is a good idea to minimize repetitive motion damage to flooring or carpeting.

Some gaming chair models have convenient pockets for storing different types of controllers. Others have much more, including extras like either wired or wireless surround sound so the person is more thoroughly immersed in the gaming experience. Of these two, wireless sound is the better choice because it allows for easier movement of the chairs when not in use.

Another element that might be added to certain gaming chairs are additional parts that equip the chair with a mount for steering wheels, gear shifts or other specialized joysticks and controllers.

Price range in the game chair is exceptionally diverse. It’s easy to find chairs for younger kids that are far less than $100 US Dollars (USD), and a few adult or teen chairs fall into that category too. These may offer little else besides more comfortable seating. As the number of features accumulates, prices can shift dramatically, and the very passionate game fan can find chairs that exceed $700 USD in price. There are many chairs between these high and low points that are satisfying on a number of levels and good choices for the consummate gamer.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

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Before I got a gaming chair I used to get really bad back and leg pains from long sessions of gaming. I would sit in an old plastic chair that was not comfortable from the start and only got worse after a long session.

I picked up a basic gaming chair at Best Buy and the pain went away immediately. It is comfortable to sit in, and it forces your body to maintain a position that is more conducive to long periods of sitting.


I have a vibrating gaming chair that vibrates at the same time the controller vibrates. It is meant to take the experience and make it grander. Also, the top of the chair is kind of domed and it has little speakers built in that project the game sound. It makes the experience very immersive, especially during the cinematic sequences of modern games.

It was expensive but it was worth it. Gaming is my number one hobby and I like to be as deeply inside the game as I can be. The chair really helps take me there.


I just picked up a gaming chair at a garage sale over the weekend. It was a nice model but they were only selling it for $10. I have never had a gaming chair before but I have been playing a lot more lately and the couch I usually sit on can get very uncomfortable.

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