What is a Laptop Headset?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Laptop headsets are simple headphones configured to work with the audio jack found on most laptop computers. By connecting the headset to the laptop, it is possible for the user to enjoy any audio output from a program running on the device. This includes the ability to enjoy the soundtrack from a movie or any type of audio stream from the Internet.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

The configuration of a laptop headset is relatively simple. The basic set is composed of two simple ear buds that are padded and settle lightly over the ears. A wire runs from each ear bud into a central wire equipped with a plug at the end of the central wire. The plug is connected into a jack located on the laptop computer and allows the audio to feed through the wiring and to the buds settled on the ears. At the same time, the sound feed is not carried through the speakers built into the laptop. Using the laptop headset makes it possible for the user to listen to audio presentations such as music and soundtracks from movies while also enjoying the video presentation on the laptop screen.

Laptop headsets are the latest in a long line of personal headsets that allow users to employ simple headphones to listen to music and other forms of audio recordings in private. During the 1960’s, simple earphone sets were manufactured that would plug into an audio jack on the side of a small transistor radio. While only providing private audio to one ear, these simple headsets did make it possible to listen to any radio stations within range of the small radio.

By the end of the 20th century, a more recent relative of the laptop headset had emerged. As small audio devices capable of playing cassettes or compact disks became widely available, small headsets were created to work with the devices. The addition of the wired headsets made it possible for users to strap the player onto a belt, don the headsets, and enjoy music while walking or jogging.

At the same time, laptops were also adopting the use of a headset. As more people began to travel with their laptops, the use of a laptop headset made it possible to play games, listen to music files saved on the hard drive, or listen to CDs without disturbing fellow travelers. By the beginning of the 21st century, the sight of laptops and the laptop headset were common in many public settings, such as airports and parks.

Wireless Internet technology has expanded the applications for a laptop headset. No longer tethered to a wired Internet connection, laptop users can now enjoy online games, stream movies, music videos, and listen to online conference calls in complete privacy in a wide range of venues. All that is required is plugging in a laptop headset.

Today, just about every brand of laptop notebook includes a headphone jack as well as excellent hardware for reproducing audio input. Notebooks are also often equipped with hardware that makes it possible to play movies captured on DVD as well as receive and process audio and video streams from the Internet. It is possible to purchase a laptop headset for a very modest sum, although higher end versions may be somewhat expensive. A laptop headset can be purchased at just about any retail outlet where laptops and laptop supplies are sold.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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