What is a Long Range Cordless Phone?

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

When cordless phones were first introduced they were celebrated. How terrific not to be tied to a phone cord while chatting endlessly on the phone! People were usually able to move through any part of average sized homes without losing the signal, and they might even be able to carry on phone conversations in front or back yards.

A long range cordless phone.
A long range cordless phone.

Cordless phones feature a base transmitter and at least one handset, and in brief, they work through radio wave transmission. Ordinarily, these are not high power, but it wasn’t long before manufacturers began to increase power of radio waves for greater clarity and longer range. This has led to the introduction of the long range cordless phone that, in some cases, has a range of up to 50 miles (80.47 km).

The typical home phone is not a long range cordless phone and in fact sale of certain long range types may be illegal in certain countries. In the US, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has strict regulations regarding amount of range a cordless phone can have. While people may be able to buy those phones with a range of about eight miles (12.87) at most, in many countries phones with a higher range are not legal. Furthermore, the degree to which a phone will reach its maximum range really varies and is based on things like the phone design, the antenna design, the way the phone transmits, and the environment.

Nevertheless, this type of phone can be very desirable. It might be enough to use a handset on various floors of a large building. It should also be stated that some countries do allow greater range with the long range cordless phone, especially in areas where it is hard to get cellphone service.

Owners of large ranches for instance, might need a reliable means of communication at all times, and need access to a phone. Some models have multiple handsets and can be used like two-way radios. The principal advantage is that the person can receive or make calls with a phone, which eliminates the need to carry a phone and radio at the same time. Moreover, even though the initial expense of a long range cordless phone can be pretty high, in the end they can be a less expensive choice than months of cellular or wireless phone service.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

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You can check actual Engenius Alcon Senao models online. They have great ranges.


Look at Voyager (FCC Approved), they have a unit just under a watt which produces up to 40 acres with an outdoor antenna. About 6-8 blocks in the burbs, 1-3 miles in rural areas.


I'm still looking for a long range cordless phone. EnGenius has range but reliability is poor. AT&T new 4 line cordless DECT has fair range using their repeaters but has too many features that are not flexible or user friendly.

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