What Is a Mobile Computer Workstation? (with picture)

Felicia Dye

A mobile computer workstation is a piece of furniture that accomplishes three main goals. First, it acts as a storage solution for a person's computer. Second, it provides workspace for using the computer. Third, it allows a computer and its components to be easily moved from place to place without disassembling or disconnecting any of the parts, except perhaps the power cords.

Mobile computer workstations allow components to be moved from place to place without reassembling.
Mobile computer workstations allow components to be moved from place to place without reassembling.

Personal computers, commonly referred to as PCs, tend to have numerous components. These may include the monitor, the central processing unit (CPU), and the mouse. Many people add other items, such as speakers, scanners, and printers. A mobile computer workstation provides a space for these items to be organized in a functional manner. While they are most commonly used for PCs, these workstations can also be used with laptop computers or other electronics.

There are a variety of models and designs. Despite their differences, it is common to find that a mobile computer workstation has at least three tiers. The top may be used for placement of the monitor. Below that, there may be a place for the keyboard. Still lower, there is usually an area where the CPU is meant to be stored.

Some models closely resemble a basic cart because they are little more than rectangular boxes with shelves for the computer components. There are other models that are more sophisticated, and they may accommodate the storage of a wider range of items. In addition to storing a computer and its components, a mobile computer workstation allows a person to use the items with similar ease and comfort as she would if they were arranged on a desk.

A mobile computer workstation can be made from a number of materials. Many are made from metal, but they may also be made of wood or plastic. Some models have features that allow the workstation's height to be adjusted, which is ideal for facilitating use while standing.

This type of furniture is described as mobile because the workstations have wheels beneath them, which allows a person to move the entire unit from one place to another. In most cases, moving a computer would involve disassembling some or all of the components and having to reconnect them before the next use. When the entire unit is mobile, all that is required is to unplug any power cords and to roll it to the new destination. The mobility of a mobile computer workstation is the primary reason for selecting this type of furniture in some cases, such as when a teacher needs to easily move her computer from one classroom to another.

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