What is a Moofer?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Moofers are people who are employed or operate a company without the need to go to an office each day. The moofer or "mobile out of office worker" spends a great deal of time working in other environments. Thanks to laptops, smart phones, and other portable devices, tasks that had to be performed in an office setting can now be completed in just about any setting.

Woman doing a handstand with a computer
Woman doing a handstand with a computer

The new environment of remote working has become the norm for many people. As one way of cutting costs, many businesses now choose to allow employees to work from home. The teleworker remains in contact with co-workers and managers via email, cell phone, and online audio and video conferences. At the same time, it is possible for the employee to interact with clients, vendors, and others throughout the workday without ever setting foot in an office.

It is not unusual to see a moofer enjoying a latte at the coffee shop while using a laptop to read email and work on various documents. Moofers may be found settled in on park benches while using a remote electronic device to attend a web conference. A moofer may be walking through a department store while participating on an audio conference call or returning a call to a prospective client. In short, the moofer can be found just about anywhere.

Not everyone who is classified as a moofer is an employee of a company. People who own their own business often make extensive use of mobile communications as they go about the process of growing the business. Others who work for themselves, such as freelance consultants and writers, also are very likely to make use of laptops and various handheld devices as a way to solicit work and complete assignments without being chained to a desk.

The concept of the moofer does have appeal on several levels. First, moofing ends the daily task of commuting to and from a central workplace. This saves time and also cuts fuel and maintenance costs associate with running a vehicle. Next, the moofer does not have to participate in office politics or cliques in the workplace, which may be a big boost to morale and productivity. Last, the moofer is not deterred from working due to inclement weather. All he or she needs is a comfortable location and some type of access to a communication network. This one factor could save employers a substantial amount of money each year.

While still a relatively new phenomenon, the moofer is already making a huge impact in the way people do business. As more people begin to work away from the office, chances are more sophisticated remote tools will be developed to help the moofer be even more productive than today.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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