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What is a Paid to Post Site?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

A paid to post site is generally one that is set up similar to a typical message board which people visit to interact with other users. Interaction occurs by posting new messages or responding to existing messages. Some sites also give users the ability to upload photos, video clips, or audio files, and earn from those as well. The difference between a standard message board and a paid to post site is obviously that visitors are paid for using the latter. On a paid to post site, users are given an incentive to return often and invite more people to join, because they are given a small percentage of the ad revenue earned by the website each time they post or persuade another “referral” to sign up.

For many surfers, such an opportunity may seem too good to be true, but there are some legitimate paid to post sites. It is advisable to check them out thoroughly before giving out your personal information as there are, of course, scams as well. No one is going to get rich quick by joining a paid to post website, but the ability to earn some extra cash for doing something that you enjoy is appealing to many people.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

Some people are suspicious and wonder why paid to post sites don’t just run unpaid message boards to obtain more content. First of all, they have less control over the quality of the content and there is also no guarantee that people will be interested in returning frequently. Paid to post sites also benefit because users increase traffic to the site and enlarge the membership via referrals. It is also a much less expensive way to obtain web content than purchasing articles from professional writers. It’s a win/win situation for site owners and posters.

If you decide to join a paid to post site, realize that such sites will pay you a minimal amount of money, yet still expect quality web content. Generally, you won’t be required to write book-length posts or use academic language, but posts do need to make sense and provide useful and relevant information. Some paid to post sites have stricter guidelines than others do. In some cases, posts will be deleted and earnings decreased if a user continues to add inappropriate, poorly written, or discredited material, or continues posting self-promotions.

Another issue of concern is that some paid to post sites only pay in US Dollars (USD) and only make payments to American citizens, so check it out before signing up. Most paid to post sites also insist that you meet a minimum amount in earnings, often from $10-25 USD before they will pay out. Payments are generally made the following month after a user meets the payout threshold. You might want to network with other people seeking opportunities to make money online and find out if they have actually been paid by a particular paid to post site before you register.

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I haven't seen as many "get paid to post" websites as I once did. I always assumed those things were scams, like getting paid to take online surveys or click on ads. Maybe a few people were actually earning some money, but the rest were being used as cheap writing labor for the websites. I used to write content for several websites, and I was always paid a fair wage for my services.

Some of these paid to post forums only pay a fraction of a cent per word, and they put a lot of pressure on contributors to maintain quality. Personally, I wouldn't do it unless other professional writers told me the compensation was fair and the site's owners were good to work with.


I tried some paid to post sites a few years ago, but I lost interest after a few months. I didn't mind getting paid to post on forums, but it seemed like it took forever to reach the minimal payout limit. At one site, an editor read every post before it got published on the forum, and he was very particular about using proper grammar and providing useful content. Another site didn't really seem to care about that as long as I sounded like a regular contributor, not a professional writer.

I wouldn't recommend a "get paid to post" job as a reliable source of income, but it does help writers to stay busy between other projects.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer