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What is Evergreen Content?

R. Kayne
R. Kayne

Evergreen content refers to informational or reference material that never goes out of date, and which is therefore good for websites looking to build a lasting readership. Good evergreen material can be used over and over by the general public, creating a built-in guarantee of continuing hits. The quality of the content in terms of its presentation, clarity, and usefulness will go a long way towards dictating the popularity of the site.

It is often said that humans are not only in a technological age, but in the age of information. People need information and they want it now, whether it's guidance for financial investments, general information, career oriented, or hobby-specific. Evergreen content provides these answers and almost guarantees a stream of regular traffic to the site.

Information on knitting could be considered evergreen content.
Information on knitting could be considered evergreen content.

Encyclopedic websites generally offer this type of content, although it can also be more subject-specific. For example, the International Movie Database contains information about virtually every movie and TV production made. It also serves as a “who's who” of the entertainment industry by providing profiles and mini-biographies of actors, directors, writers, and so on.

Origami information could qualify as evergreen content.
Origami information could qualify as evergreen content.

While these examples are far-reaching in their scope, humbler websites can also contain evergreen content. A site dedicated to information on origami, aquaria, landscaping, knitting, scuba diving, hang-gliding or refinishing furniture would all be likely to include content that doesn't need to change significantly over time. Any hobby or interest can serve as the centerpiece. The longer a website hosts good content, the more likely it is the readership will grow, as people tend to link to good reference material, and readers also grow through word-of-mouth on newsgroups and Web exchange boards.

By contrast, content that is not evergreen quickly becomes outdated or irrelevant. News items and current events might draw substantial hits to an established website when a story breaks, but without constantly updating the content to refresh the timeliness, readership for a particular story will drop. Therefore, if the desire is to attract a lasting readership with the least amount of content turnover, evergreen content is a better choice.

By building websites with long-lasting content, entrepreneurs worldwide have been able to generate passive income online. Advertising can be added to a website for “click-through” income without using pop-up ads or other distracting marketing schemes. Website domains and hosting are relatively affordable, so just about anyone with drive and initiative can start a website with solid evergreen content and, in time, reap the benefits.

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Health content is one of the hardest things to keep evergreen. Some things stay the same but medical science is constantly changing and evolving. Often an article that is only a few years old will loose its relevance because of new breakthroughs or ways of thinking.


Anyone who has written for the web knows how hard it is to generate true evergreen content. Most content, upwards of 80%, becomes irrelevant at some point, probably within a year of when it was published. It doesn't mean that it no longer has any value, but it is not something that many people will seek out.

Think about all the coverage running up to a Presidential election. The minute the election happens all of that previous content becomes largely irrelevant. Scholars might seek it out one day but few in the general public ever will. It just become dead content on a web site.

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    • Information on knitting could be considered evergreen content.
      By: picsfive
      Information on knitting could be considered evergreen content.
    • Origami information could qualify as evergreen content.
      By: oksix
      Origami information could qualify as evergreen content.