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What is a Script Error?

A script error occurs when a web browser can't execute a piece of JavaScript code correctly, often due to issues like coding mistakes or conflicts with other scripts. It can lead to web pages not functioning as intended, frustrating users and developers alike. Curious about how to troubleshoot these pesky errors? Let's delve deeper into the world of script debugging together.
Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

A script error generally occurs when you try to run a computer application or access a web page and your system cannot understand or implement the command. When an error message appears, it will sometimes indicate what the problem is such as letting you know the page has displayed but with errors. You may receive an unresponsive script error, as the page continues slowly attempting to load.

A script error may be the result of problems within the source code on the page, or it could be a problem with your system or your system settings. If your computer, or certain elements of it are outdated, or if your settings are faulty, you will likely see a number of errors. Settings on your computer or within your network may have been adjusted to block things like Java Applets or Active X controls. Changing the settings, if allowable, may relieve the problem. If you believe the error is the result of a problem with the web page, it’s a good idea to contact the webmaster to report the error.

Script error messages appear to indicate that a program doesn't work or cannot be found.
Script error messages appear to indicate that a program doesn't work or cannot be found.

A script error is often a nuisance rather than a serious problem. Certain operating systems or browsers may have glitches of their own or may be in need of updates. Problems can also occur if hardware is outdated or corrupted. Make sure your drivers are up to date as well. If not, you will likely need to uninstall an old driver to install the updated version, or have someone else do so for you if you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself.

Script errors can cause user frustration.
Script errors can cause user frustration.

If you continue seeing the same script error, or others, obviously more troubleshooting is required. Another thing you can try in order to avoid receiving error messages is deleting temporary Internet files. If there are features or applications running that you do not need, try turning them off. You might also want to reduce the screen resolution or the number of colors you are currently using. Continue reducing the resolution or the number of colors until you have either reached the lowest settings or stopped receiving error messages.

If you are not confident about troubleshooting your computer, it is a good idea to ask for help from a knowledgeable friend. If you don’t know someone who can help you, it is probably best to ask a professional. A script error is generally not a major issue, but making changes to your system or your settings, if you are not sure of what you are doing, can lead to bigger problems.

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Discussion Comments


Do scripts have any positive attributes? Are they in any way needed? What programs/apps cause/create them and for what purpose? If they have no positive purpose why can't Microsoft cause their operating system (whichever version) simply to not allow them to function? It almost seems like they don't care about fixing such things because it doesn't relay in any positive to their "bottom line"! They have a whole brain trust of people thinking up ways for us to socially connect. How about tasking a few of them with eliminating this vexing problem?!


When using yahoo messenger I get a script error 53 but those boxes are already ticked. Any thoughts?


My grandmother's computer just had multi script errors, like 50 or something, because she has IE 5.


"ClassNotFoundException" is the message (Java)shown in the case of joining the board game GO. This happened after I upgraded to Windows 8 and the installation of anti-virus software.


There is a page I found on Facebook help whose only topic is this "script running " message problem. I installed the latest updates for my system (windows IE) and it seems to have solved that particular problem. Of course, not knowing what I am doing and the changes that the updates created physically are not something I have to deal with.

Problem is that it is exclusive to the Facebook website. It never happened to me anywhere else. Others are still having a problem even after trying all suggested to them (and yes, the debugging boxes have been disabled already. That seems to be a ready answer but most of us already have the correct boxes checked or unchecked prior to this issue).

I feel bad for those on a decade old computer. They don't have a chance. Why is it that FB just assumes that all of us have the state of the art equipment and programs? As someone has mentioned, yes, it is a free site but they sure make megabucks off of us using the site.

I wish that people weren't so set in their ways or wondered about what it would cost them or simply not so addicted to the site that we all could do something about the changes that they throw at us without us being able to have a say so. Imagine if everyone would boycott the site until the ownership showed that they cared about its users.


I am starting to think the script errors in farmville are coming from the greasemonkey cheat plug in, to be honest with you. If you copy the link and put it in the chat to one of your friends, it will take you to a white page with BSC or something of the kind, and when I kept searching this it all came down to grease monkey stuff. I just took farmville out after playing, since it started due to the script error and cheating.


i have a fairly new pc and i have been having one script problem on facebook. i love playing farmville, and this error keeps messing up the game.


I have disable script degugging clicked already, just checked. This problem just started on only this one page on Facebook. My computer is new just bought for christmas so it is not an outdated system. Others are having the problem on this page, so I think it's the page and not my computer.


It's important to note that Internet Explorer runs the best with a Pentium processor. Also, most of the questions you have about the internet can be answered by using the Internet Explorer FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.


Stopping internet script errors requires a set of relatively simple steps. First, start Internet Explorer. Then, select "Tools" from the top toolbar menu. Choose "Internet Options" in the dropdown menu. Select the "Advanced" tab. After that, scroll through the list of options until you see "Browsing." Once in the "Browsing" screen, simply click the boxes labeled

'Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer)" and "Disable Script Debugging (Other)." Finally, click "OK." This should keep script error messages from popping up while you surf the web.


Every time i reboot my computer I get a few script errors with some URL's even before i open a browser also run time 401.

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    • Script error messages appear to indicate that a program doesn't work or cannot be found.
      By: jamdesign
      Script error messages appear to indicate that a program doesn't work or cannot be found.
    • Script errors can cause user frustration.
      By: Monkey Business
      Script errors can cause user frustration.