What is a Smart Dialer?

A. Leverkuhn

A smart dialer is a machine that assists humans in making a large number of telephone calls. Smart dialers are part of a range of new telecom equipment. Similar options include a hosted or VoIP dialer (Voice over Internet Protocol), or a software or hardware phone dialer. Smart dialers are also sometimes known as predictive dialers.

Smart dialers help call center employees make multiple calls at once that are most likely to get answered.
Smart dialers help call center employees make multiple calls at once that are most likely to get answered.

A smart dialer helps someone who is calling multiple phone numbers. The machine often uses algorithms to identify which calls are most likely to get answered. Early smart dialers were simply auto dialing machines that helped call center employees and others to avoid punching in many phone numbers during the day.

With new smart dialer technology, those involved in telephone marketing or similar jobs can cut down on their waiting time, and avoid accidentally dialing the wrong number. Some industry experts estimate that smart dialers help cut call time down as much as 20 to 50%, helping callers to spend more time in communications. Extended features help smart dialers provide even more “face time” with those on the other end of the line.

In an advanced software dialer system, busy signals, voice machines, and other “non-live” responses might be handled completely by the smart dialing machine. When someone picks up the other end of the line, the smart dialer might provide an electronic message before routing the call to a live agent. In these kinds of systems, a smart dialer can play a prominent role in introducing the company, product or service and providing background information before human workers get onto the line to process details or answer questions.

Business leaders have identified some major pros and cons to using smart dialers for many kinds of marketing. The main benefit of these machines is in time management and efficient use of resources. One of the major drawbacks to a smart dialer system is that federal, state, or local laws may restrict the use of these machines according to specific criteria. In some cases, businesses cannot use automated telephone marketing without a previously established business relationship, which means that those using smart dialers have to work from specific call lists.

As a relatively new communications tool, smart dialers are part of a much greater product line for technology-assisted communications. Machines and equipment similar to smart dialers are often used for incoming calls, where some of the legal restrictions do not apply. Innovative communications technology makes it increasingly easy for anyone to run a business where customers can get good data and service through automated solutions.

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