What Is a Sport Watch?

R. Kayne

A sport watch combines the functions of a stopwatch, alarm and classic wristwatch into one technological timepiece. It is designed to be tough, handsome and useful. A sport watch is water resistant, shock resistant, and can help you improve your lap time or 5K.

A sport watch may function as a stopwatch.
A sport watch may function as a stopwatch.

While dress watches have bezels of polished metals, a sport watch is made of plastic or rubber composites. Originally manufactured in black, they now come in many colors from construction yellow to fire truck red. Time and date on a sport watch are in digital LCD (liquid crystal display), and mode buttons change function and input settings.

Originally manufactured in black, a sport watch is made of plastic or rubber composites.
Originally manufactured in black, a sport watch is made of plastic or rubber composites.

A chronometer is one of the key features of a sport watch. By pressing a button until "chrono" flashes, you can switch from date and time to stopwatch mode. Clock laps, mile markers, or your 5K run time, right down to split seconds. The stopwatch function of the sport watch saves individual lap times to memory while keeping track of accumulated time. To see individual times, you can cycle through with the press of a button. You can also save or erase recorded times. Triathletes wear sport watches because they are shock and water-resistant. This makes them perfect for pool laps, kayaking, boating, skiing, bicycling and many other activities.

A sport watch may be used to time circuit training in the gym.
A sport watch may be used to time circuit training in the gym.

To make sure you won't be late to your meet, the sport watch can also function as an alarm. Some models support up to three separate alarms per day. This is a great feature for personal training. For example, the first alarm can let you know it's time to move from upper to lower body exercises; the second to move into cardio; and the third alarm might signal that your workout is over. If the alarm has a repeat function, you can also use it to time your sets. If set to three minutes, for example, it will beep once when the interval has expired, then start the count over. This can keep your workout on schedule to make sure you get all of your exercises in.

You can also use the alarm function of your sport watch to track any dietary needs. For example, people who work with professional sports nutritionists are often advised to eat snacks at certain times of the day if they are exerting large amounts of energy. Thus, the features of a sport watch can help athletic individuals throughout their daily routines, not just while they are working out.

Sports watches are popular among skiers.
Sports watches are popular among skiers.

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I have been shopping around for a sports watch for a while and I am having trouble finding the right one. I do not want the cheapest model or the most expensive. I need one that is built to last, has easy to use, intuitive features and can store information.

Do you guys have any suggestions for a watch that meets my needs? I have looked online but it can be hard to trust the customer reviews you read on some sites. I would like to hear from real people with real experience.


Is there a difference between a men's sports watch and a women's sports watch? Probably the colors, but are the features always the same?

I wonder just because there are certain activities that women do more of than men and vice versa. I am thinking about yoga, Pilates and dance for women and power lifting, arm wrestling and ultimate fighting for men. These activities all have unique demands and perhaps they all have unique watches.


I like to do circuit training at the gym. That is where you do a certain exercise for a set period of time rather than for a set number of repetitions. You work, rest briefly, and then move on to the next move which means that you stimulate your heart as well as your muscles.

I have a sports watch that I have programmed with my routine. It beeps to start a lift, end a lift and then to start the next one. Having the watch keep the actual time keeps me from lifting for too short a period or resting for to long a period. It keeps me disciplined and I have seen much better results.


Would training watches be a whole different category of sports watches?

Some of these watches can do so much, such as track the heart rate, pace, distance and so much more.

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