What is a Swivel Mount?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Swivel mounts are simple devices that make it possible to turn or swivel an electronic appliance or piece of furniture from right to left or in a complete circle. Mounts of this type are often utilized with television sets, computer monitors, and four sided bookcases. A swivel mount may be constructed as a wall mount system or a flat mount that is ideal for use on table tops or the floor.

A television swivel mount is common in hospitals.
A television swivel mount is common in hospitals.

The TV swivel mount is probably among the most common swiveling device in use today. Often utilized as a space saver, wall-mounted models make it possible to secure a television to the platform of the mount, then use the arm of the device to swivel or move the television to various heights and different angles. A swivel mount of this type is often employed in hospitals and long-term care facilities, although it is not unusual for the wall-mounted model to be used in private residences.

Similar to the television swivel mount, a mount configured for use with desktop computer monitors is popular in offices and homes. This incarnation of the swivel mount is a simple platform that sets on a desk or table top. Attached to the foundation, the platform is capable of swing a complete 360 degrees, making it possible to swivel the monitor in any direction. This can be especially helpful when adjusting the angle of the monitor in order to show several people what is appearing on the screen. As with the wall-mounted varieties, the table top swivel mount usually includes clamps that make it easy to secure the monitor to the platform, minimizing the opportunities for the monitor to slip off the mount while in use.

Many of the wall-mounted mounts are composed of a combination of metal and high quality plastic. Larger examples of this durable swivel mount are capable of supporting the weight of an average table top television set. Smaller mounts are also available that will support smaller sets with equal ease.

A table style swivel mount is also usually composed of both metal and plastic components. While mounts of this type do not usually include an arm, they do include a platform large enough to accommodate both older sets as well as newer flat screen televisions.

The platform swivel mount can even be used with a short bookcase. Mounting a four sided bookcase on a swivel mount makes it possible to easily access books stored on any of the shelves on the four sides. Employing a swivel mount in this manner can help create a lot of storage space in a relatively small area.

Wall-mounted and tabletop swivel devices can usually be found at many home supply stores as well as businesses that sell hotel furnishings and electronic equipment. For the most part, a basic swivel mount will not cost a great deal of money, and can be assembled and installed with relative ease.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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