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What is an LCD Swivel?

Ken Black
Ken Black

An LCD swivel is a device used to mount LCD and plasma televisions so that it can be turned to a certain direction. Many types of mounts, especially those with arms extending away from the wall, provide this type of service. In some cases, an LCD swivel mount may be included with the standard stand that comes with the television.

An LCD swivel can also be used for computer monitors. This also could be a standard feature for monitors. In some ways, it may be more important to have a monitor swivel mount, especially if a computer display may be viewed by more than one person.

LCD monitor.
LCD monitor.

While traditional CRT televisions and monitors could also have a swivel, the swivels for LCDs are especially important. An LCD television or computer monitor can create a screen door effect if the viewing angle gets too extreme. This is not the case with a CRT display normally. Therefore, in order to maximize viewing enjoyment, an LCD swivel is considered an important component.

In addition to being included on a typical TV stand included with the LCD or plasma television, an LCD swivel can also be a standard component of a wall mount bracket system. With televisions becoming thinner and lighter, wall mounts are becoming increasingly popular. Those who choose a wall mount should make sure they find a bracket that is designed for their size of television. All wall mounts, whether including an LCD swivel or not, will mention the size of television they are capable of supporting.

Generally, an LCD swivel mount is a low maintenance item. From time to time, it may need to be oiled or greased, but this is very rare. Also, it may be good to check any fasteners from time to time as well, just to make sure they stay secured to the wall. However, under normal use, there will be virtually no maintenance required.

In addition to home viewing, an LCD swivel can also be a necessary component in public areas, where viewing angles may change from time to time. For example, in a classroom setting, there may be a need to change the direction the television faces. For example, in a science class, the lab area is usually separate from the instructional area but one television may be used to cover both places. At bars, groups may congregate in different sections depending on the day and the crowd. Being able to point televisions in the direction where they benefit most people will help keep everyone happy.

It is possible to buy an LCD swivel in most places where electronics, especially LCD and plasma TVs, are sold. They start at approximately $50 US Dollars and increase from there depending on the type of wall mount and the size. Many online retailers also offer these products.

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    • LCD monitor.
      LCD monitor.