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What is a USB Wireless Device?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye

USB is a common acronym that stands for universal serial bus. A USB is a rectangular connection that generally allows some sort of device to interact with a computer. Many types of connections made to computers involve wires and cords. This can be true even with USB devices. An item that connects by way of USB port and does not have wires or cords that connect it to the computer can be called a USB wireless device.

Before USB connections became popular, connecting various devices to the computer could be a challenge. Sometimes it was impossible for a person to connect all of the things she wanted to connect because there were a limited number of ports. Printers and monitors, for example, had special types of connections. This generally meant that only one of each of these devices could be connected.

A HSDPA modem for wireless Internet and a USB cord.
A HSDPA modem for wireless Internet and a USB cord.

USB connections tend to allow computer users more freedom to connect various items to their computers. The process of connecting is generally simple and quick. Once it is done, the communication path between the devices and the computer is often faster than it would if other types of ports were used.

There is a tendency to build new computers with more USB ports. This is especially true of laptops, which have less space for the bulkier ports than desktop computers. As more devices are designed to interact with computers, there is also a tendency to make them with identical connections that offer computer users the best and fastest access. In many cases, the choices are USB connections.

A USB wireless network adapter.
A USB wireless network adapter.

A USB wireless device is generally designed to give computer users an even better experience. At one time, almost every device that needed to interact with the computer required a cord or wire. Sometimes two cords or wires were necessary. This often resulted in slow communication paths. It could also be messy or unsightly.

With a USB wireless device, there are generally no cords or wires. In some cases, a signaling device is connected to the computer by way of a USB port. A wireless device such as a mouse or keyboard may communicate with the signaling device, which then allows that device to interact with the computer. The signaling device may work with numerous items at once.

A USB wireless device may also utilize another type of technology such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. These technologies often allow a communicating device to be plugged into a USB port. Afterward, information can be exchanged or networks can be accessed although there is no physical connection between the computer and the output device.

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    • A HSDPA modem for wireless Internet and a USB cord.
      By: Petr Malyshev
      A HSDPA modem for wireless Internet and a USB cord.
    • A USB wireless network adapter.
      By: zsollere
      A USB wireless network adapter.