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What is a Vector Pack?

A Vector Pack is a collection of scalable, editable illustrations that retain quality at any size, perfect for designers needing versatile graphics. These packs offer themes from business to nature, ensuring a cohesive design aesthetic. Curious about how vector packs can elevate your project? Discover the endless possibilities and how to integrate them seamlessly into your work.
Kyle OConnor
Kyle OConnor

A vector pack is a computer graphics collection of scalable images, usually grouped according to theme. Each pack usually consists of around five to 25 vector graphics and is generally cheaper than buying individual pieces of stock art. Upon purchase, the vector images may be used in art and design projects. Vector images should be used within software that supports the vector image format; otherwise, the ability to scale the vector graphic without loss of quality is forfeited.

A vector pack allows designers and artists to add pieces of art to their work without having to spend the time and without having the ability to make it themselves. Vector packs can either be a graphics collection from one artist or a collaboration between many artists. A vector pack released by a single artist can provide an easy way to maintain unity in a design or art piece by ensuring all the vector graphics offered will share the same artistic style.

Vector files are much more scalable than bitmap images.
Vector files are much more scalable than bitmap images.

An individual vector pack can range in price from free to a couple hundred US Dollars (USD). It is almost always cheaper to buy a pack of vector images than it is to buy individual pieces of stock art. Occasionally, groups of artists will sell a collection of vector packs called vector kits for an even higher discount. Vector kits and packs generally allow artists to get more artwork for less money but, if all of the artwork is not used, it may be more cost effective to buy individual vector images as needed.

Some vector packs offer a choice of the type of license purchased for the graphics collection, while others have only one option. The license should be thoroughly read before purchasing a graphics collection to ensure the art can be used for the intended purpose. It is common for two licenses to be offered, one for standard or personal use and one for commercial usage. The main difference between these two licenses is whether the owner has the right to include the art on pieces of commercial work, such as products for sale. Each collection may have its own specific license, even within the same shop, so it's important to check the information for each vector image collection.

The main benefit of choosing a vector pack over a raster pack — a collection of images that aren't scalable — is that the vector image format allows infinitely scalable images without loss of quality to the image. Only some imaging software supports the vector image format, though, so it's important to make sure the software used is compatible with the provided file formats. Vector images can be used in non-compatible software, but it will become a raster image and, thus, lose its ability to be resized without loss of quality.

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    • Vector files are much more scalable than bitmap images.
      By: WavebreakmediaMicro
      Vector files are much more scalable than bitmap images.