What is an Evidence Eraser?

Britt Archer

In today's society, identity theft is an increasing concern for people from all walks of life. Technology and advances in both the computing world and the Internet have made it much easier for personal data to fall into the wrong hands. A type of software known as an evidence eraser, sometimes also called a data eraser, can help eliminate this threat and increase personal computer privacy. An evidence eraser is not always a necessity, but when sharing a computer with others or running a business with the need to protect private data that belongs to more than one individual, an evidence eraser software package may be a good purchase.

Most internet browsers make it fairly simple to delete the browsing history.
Most internet browsers make it fairly simple to delete the browsing history.

Many people do not realize that personal computers store a log of every activity in some form. A record remains of inconspicuous Internet history files, email, illegally downloaded movies or media, online shopping history and important passwords and PIN codes. Privacy software is a must for those who do not know how to erase these files themselves, and it can make it easier for computer users to keep their private data safe and secure. An evidence eraser software package is also a good idea if you are getting rid of or selling your computer or any of its data-storage components.

An evidence eraser software may be useful if you share a computer with others.
An evidence eraser software may be useful if you share a computer with others.

Evidence eraser software ranges in price from $15 US Dollars (USD) for a basic program to more than $100 USD for a complete software package. Freeware, which is software that is made available for free personal use, is also available to erase computer evidence. Evidence erasers claim they will erase all data of a personal and sensitive nature, but not every program may live up to its claims, and there is no regulating factor besides user product reviews. It is best to perform independent research before deciding to purchase or download an evidence eraser software program. A local PC technician shop can provide guidance in this area, as well as give accurate product information and advice.

The use of evidence eraser software is not limited to personal computers, but is a wise investment for businesses as well. Some programs allow users to see exactly what has been done on a computer, and this can be valuable to an employer who wants to know what has been done with their company computers. Evidence eraser software also claims to enhance the performance of computers, as it erases many files stored on the PC that users mey not even be aware of.

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There are so many of this kind of software on the market. They go by similar names- "evidence eraser," "tracks eraser," "evidence eliminator" and so forth.

I can't make a generalization about all these different products, but based on one that I've tried, this type of software is not a big deal. The software that I purchased was not very user-friendly and it added so many new files to my computer that I had to clean my hard drives and re-install everything. And it cost a lot of money. Yes, there are free ones out there, but they're very basic and don't do much.

I personally think that anyone with some skill and time can learn how to delete history files and sensitive information from their computer on their own. There is no need for a software.

But if anyone has benefited from this software and wants to argue otherwise, I'd be happy to hear other points of view on this.


@alisha-- Yes, you're right. Most well known shopping sites these days are secure, I think the threat is greater for people who use a public computer regularly or share their personal computer with others. And evidence eraser is great for computers with multiple users.

My brother owns a small IT business and he has it downloaded on all their computers. He has multiple employees using the same computers at different times of the day. So he doesn't want there to be any problems security wise.

He's also been using the program to check on what his employees are doing during work hours. This might not be the primary reason to install this software, but it sure is helpful in this regard. In fact, he even fired one employee after discovering that he visits adult sites regularly from his office computer during work hours.

And you really don't have to spend a lot of money for this software. There is a free evidence eraser software available. So why don't you give it a try? It will put your mind at ease.


If I understand right, an evidence eraser only erases information on a computer, nothing on the internet right?

I have been a victim of fraud where my credit card information was stolen and used. It was probably taken from the various online stores I shopped from. I'm now looking for a software or program that eliminates personal financial information that I may use on the internet. I don't think an evidence eraser will help me with this right?

I do online shopping from my personal computer which is only used by me. So I don't think anyone can have access to the information that way. Although it would be a plus to have that under control too.

My main problem is not knowing whose hands this information is going to end up in while surfing on the net. I always shop from dependable websites, but I guess you just never know. It would be great to erase the history of my financial information from these websites too.

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