What Is an HTML Photo Gallery?

G. Wiesen

An arrangement of images together on a single website created through Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is often referred to as an HTML photo gallery. This can be created in a number of different ways, though it often consists of a selection of various images together on a single website. These pictures can be arranged in several subfolders or selectable sites, allowing someone to navigate them easily, or may simply be arranged on one or more pages. An HTML photo gallery often includes thumbnail images, which are small version of a large image that can be selected to view the full size.

An HTML photo gallery usually includes thumbnail images.
An HTML photo gallery usually includes thumbnail images.

Different methods can be used to create an HTML photo gallery, though it typically relies upon HTML code to properly display when viewed with a web browser. One of the simplest ways in which these galleries can be created is through the use of a program that makes a slideshow or similar presentation. This type of software can use various platforms for making a slideshow of images, and then exports files that can be used to quickly make an HTML photo gallery. Such programs allow someone to setup a gallery without any experience in programming or writing in HTML, and have a visual interface for easy use.

Thumbnails are small, clickable HTML photos that open into full-size images.
Thumbnails are small, clickable HTML photos that open into full-size images.

Someone with experience in programming or website design, however, can also create an HTML photo gallery simply by creating the necessary code for one. This is typically done in a text document and uses programming syntax that can be read by a web browser program to properly display the data as a visual website. Different utilities and display methods can be used in this type of programming to make a variety of HTML photo gallery setups, which can easily be copied and reused on other pages. Even though the creation of an initial gallery may be time consuming, subsequent ones can be made quickly and easily.

One of the most common ways in which an HTML photo gallery is displayed on a website is through the use of thumbnail images. This allows one page to display dozens of pictures at small sizes, which can be seen and navigated by a website visitor quickly and easily. Different types of HTML scripting can then be used to allow someone to click on a thumbnail and have it open as a larger image for more effective viewing. Someone can even make an HTML photo gallery that displays larger images when a user simply places the mouse cursor over the thumbnail, which can make navigation and selection of images quite intuitive.

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