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What is DirecTV™ Internet?

Ken Black
Ken Black

DirecTV™ Internet is a service from the DirecTV™ satellite company in addition to its standard satellite television service. This service is usually offered one of two ways: Either it is through partnership with another company or available through the satellite dish. This is a relatively new feature offered by DirecTV™ as it seeks to make more itself more competitive in both the Internet and television offerings.

DirecTV™ Internet is a response to the many package deals being offered by cable television companies. Though it used to be that companies specialized in only offering one service, that is generally not the case anymore. Now, through partnerships with other providers, or through diversification of the company's own operations, many are now offering a variety of services.

Dish Network and DirecTV are two brands of U.S.-based satellite television service.
Dish Network and DirecTV are two brands of U.S.-based satellite television service.

Among the most popular of services offered are television, Internet and possibly phone service, though phone is often an afterthought with cell service replacing many land lines. Local cable companies have an advantage over satellite companies in a number of different ways in offering these packages. With cable already running into a home, the infrastructure is already in place to provide both Internet, phone and television service at very little additional cost.

While DirecTV™ Internet is not a new concept as it has offered a satellite Internet service for quite some time, it has been very expensive in the past. Now, through partnering with local phone companies, DirecTV™ seeks to offer Internet and have both its satellite service and Internet appear on the same bill at a reduced price. This service therefore offers consumers another choice.

In some locations, DirecTV™ Internet may not be able to partner with a local company to offer DSL service. It offers another solution for those in such situations. It also has satellite Internet service available and this service is much cheaper than it has been in the past. It is now very competitive with other DSL pricing packages. The cost has always been one of the biggest drawbacks of DirecTV™ Internet service in the past.

The DirecTV™ Internet satellite service boasts speeds that are 30 times faster than dialup connections. This can enable subscribers to watch videos, have more convenient downloads of music and other high-bandwidth applications and have a connection that is always on. For those who have not had this option before, it can open an entire new level of Internet service. This service also comes with discounts if both DirecTV™ satellite and Internet service are chosen.

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    • Dish Network and DirecTV are two brands of U.S.-based satellite television service.
      By: vachiraphan
      Dish Network and DirecTV are two brands of U.S.-based satellite television service.