How do I get Reliable Dial-Up Internet Service?

S. Gonzales

Dial-up Internet service is one of the original ways home users accessed the world wide web. Though DSL and cable Internet have since taken over in popularity because of their speed, reliability and "always on" performance, dial-up Internet service is still a viable option for certain users. Light Internet users who want to cut their Internet bill by a large percentage would do well to look into dial-up Internet service for their Internet needs.

DSL filter.
DSL filter.

Finding a reliable Internet service can be easy. Start by calling dial-up Internet providers and asking about contracts. Many companies require contracts to use their services. While it may seem unusual, this can also extend to dial-up Internet. Find a company that doesn't require contracts so that you can try out the Internet performance and cancel your service if it isn't up to par.

Choose a service provider that charges a flat rate for unlimited, round-the-clock Internet access.
Choose a service provider that charges a flat rate for unlimited, round-the-clock Internet access.

Inquire about accelerator services or programs. Many companies will offer dial-up Internet service knowing that it is slow, so they will configure programs that you can run on your computer to make sure that you're sending and receiving information at optimum speed. If you have a choice, request disc installation so that you don't have to wait for the programs to download off the Internet.

Ask about the other services offered by the company. It's not unusual to find out that companies that advertise broadband or cable Internet services also offer dial-up Internet services. These companies usually have competitive dial-up service, even if they don't market them publicly. The advantage of signing up with a company like this is that if you find later that you need a faster connection, the company will likely offer you a special deal if you upgrade with them.

Make sure you have a quality modem that operates on at least 56k bits/s. The speed of your modem can make all the difference during your Internet browsing. Refer to your computer's hardware or manual to find out if you have the appropriate modem.

Go with a company that charges you a flat rate for unlimited access to the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are countless Internet providers that charge you fees every time you log onto or download something from Internet. There are others that seem perfect for dial-up Internet service, but only offer long-distance connection numbers. This, in effect, forces you to make long-distance calls each time you use the Internet. Signing up with the second type of company can run your bill higher than a broadband service would have.

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Generally, dial-up Internet should only be considered in areas where there are no broadband options available. That is because the cost of broadband has dropped so low that people generally don't realize a savings by sticking with dial-up Internet. Check the prices of local providers of both dial-up and broadband and you'll find that out in a hurry.

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