What is an Internet Booster?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

An Internet booster is a software program that is designed to enhance the speed of any connection to the Internet. While some of the software programs designed for this purpose are intended for use with specific types of connection to the World Wide Web, many of the Internet booster products on the market today are understood to work with any type of connection. While results may vary, many people find that the installation of this software can help make a noticeable difference in the speed of their connection to the Internet.

Internet boosters allow people to browse the web more quickly.
Internet boosters allow people to browse the web more quickly.

The basic process used by every Internet booster program is to search through the settings and free space on the computer hard drive. This is accomplished by running a set of diagnostics on the hard drive and making changes and corrections during the testing. Once the program has finished running, the hard drive is able to make better use of any type of connection and allow the user to browse the Internet more quickly.

Along with helping web page to load more quickly, many Internet booster programs also are configured to aid in other online functions as well. For example, the booster often will help to speed up the process for receiving emails into a program. This can be especially helpful for users who routinely receive large attachments, such as zip files. Along with faster email functionality, the booster is also understood to help minimize the occurrence of disconnects from the Web. This is especially true for users who access the Internet via a dial-up connection.

An Internet booster program will often work with any type of connection method. There are Internet speed booster programs that work very well for dial-up applications, while others are designed for use with cable and DSL connections. A wireless Internet booster software package is often considered desirable, since the software is supposed to lessen the incidence of disconnects. As handheld devices and wireless connections for laptops become more popular, the wireless Internet speed booster shows every sign of becoming more important to people who work outside an office environment, but still need a secure connection to the Internet.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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@pinkandred- I say go for it! I am sure you already have an anti-malware and anti-virus programs in place that would catch anything malware. Internet boosters can make a huge difference in how your machine runs. You really have nothing to lose by trying one. You can always purchase one too if that makes you feel better.


I have a friend that uses a free internet booster that she downloaded from the internet. She said it works great, but I do not know if I would trust such downloads. A lot of the time free downloads from the internet contain spyware and viruses.

She has tried to get me to download this free program and I will not do it. No matter how fast her computer is, I just will not take the chance with my machine. My boyfriend has begged me to download it too, but I am putting my foot down on this one.

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