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What is Fingerprint Software?

Carol Francois
Carol Francois

Fingerprint software is becoming more popular when combined with a range of security and authorization applications. There are two separate components required to implement and use fingerprint software: scanning hardware and fingerprint matching and storage software. In the past ten years, there has been a huge increase in fingerprint authentication as the quality of the scanning hardware has improved, while decreasing in price.

There are four primary features in all fingerprint software programs: image storage, relational databases, image compression logic, and access logs. All fingerprint software programs will contain all these features but will have varying degrees of accuracy. The most important aspect of this type of software is the quality of the image. A low quality image will degrade the quality of the fingerprint match possibilities, decreasing the value of the software.

Fingerprint scanners are less expensive than other biometrics devices.
Fingerprint scanners are less expensive than other biometrics devices.

The images must be stored in a way that can be quickly accessed by the program and include the ability to store significant header data associated with each fingerprint. It is important to note that the image file itself is useless if it cannot be connected to the appropriate person. In addition, the software must be able to link the person to a specific access profile or related data.

The most effective and efficient way to manage this type of data is through relational databases. Each database holds a consistent data set, such as the fingerprint images or the security profile. An identifying key is attached to each item, allowing the connections to be made among several unique databases.

All fingerprint software programs include image file compression logic. The more details in an image, the larger the file. However, compression logic can be used to decrease the space required for each file, increasing the storage capacity, without losing any of the image quality.

The authentication used with fingerprint software requires a secured audit trail. The purpose of an audit trail is to provide an accurate list of dates and user names of everyone who has accessed the fingerprint or security files. The audit trail ensures the integrity of the data. Most software programs include a range of reports that track all user activity, including when each file is accessed, locations, and related information.

The best way to select this type of software is to obtain quotes from at least three fingerprint software firms. The product details will include the standard features, total cost, implementation time line, and hardware requirements. Take the time to review the price structure with care, to determine if the cost structure is based on usage or any other criteria.

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Now that Apple's iOS now supports fingerprint scanning as a way to unlock a device and confirm the user's identity for other purposes, expect to see this software advance even more in the months and years to come

Honestly, I'd love to see a day when trying to remember a dozen different passwords for a dozen different programs and devices become a thing of the past.

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    • Fingerprint scanners are less expensive than other biometrics devices.
      Fingerprint scanners are less expensive than other biometrics devices.