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What is FireFox?

Lorna W.
Lorna W.

FireFox is a web browser created by Mozilla, the original creators of the Netscape series of browsers. Version one was released in November 2004. It quickly gained new fans because of its open source license and multitude of features. Multiple new versions have been released since 2004, with each update adding more features and improved security.

Open source means that the source code for the program is available to anyone who cares to download it. Any programmer can use the initial code to develop FireFox, whether they are creating customized options for themselves or working to improve the browser for all users. Being open source makes FireFox infinitely adaptable.

Firefox is a web browser that has several advanced search options.
Firefox is a web browser that has several advanced search options.

Some of FireFox's specialized features include pop-up blockers and advanced privacy settings. FireFox also offers tabbed browsing. You can open more than one website in your browser window, and tabs on the screen allow you to easily switch between them.

The browser also has several advanced search options. There is a Google search built into the toolbar, but that's not necessarily unique. What makes FireFox stand out is the ability to create Smart Keywords that will work with your favorite sites the same way a Google toolbar search does. You can go straight to the information you want without having to visit unnecessary websites and menus. In addition, a specialized Find bar allows you to search for text within a site without having to bring up any additional editing prompts.

Firefox is available for a range of devices.
Firefox is available for a range of devices.

FireFox can be a highly personalized browser, and not just for programmers who can download the source code and tweak the browser to fit their needs. The average user can modify his or her toolbar look and settings, and download extensions and themes. Themes simply change the look of the browser while extensions provide additional capabilities like mouse gestures or games. Hoping to win computer users over from other browsers, FireFox features quick downloading and easy importability of settings like bookmarks and passwords from other products.

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What does Firefox do that is not done by Internet explorer and Yahoo?


I have I.E and Firefox installed on my computer and often find if I cannot access a site on I.E., I just go to Firefox search the site I want through Google and up it comes. I have not made it my main browser as I too am a creature of habit and was brought up on I.E. Just give it a try and see what you think.


I too have exclusively used IE since I first purchased my VAIO, which came with Vista installed. If I download Firefox, will all of my IE stuff,(pictures, contacts, etc.) be deleted? I'd like to try Firefox out, but what if what I described above happens? Besides me being pissed?


I have just decided to use Fire fox having having been brought up on IE and knew nothing else. The older I get the more I steer away from change.

After recently switching over to Windows 7 and then having encountered a few annoying problems with I. E. (I keep getting messages about Adobe flash player apparently crashing continuously), so I downloaded Fire fox to see if the same happened there.

I was pleasantly surprised in that after only a few minutes I was able to grasp the program's feel and found it adequately suited my needs.

Whether or not it will encounter the same "Flash player" problems is anybodies guess, but I don’t think I will be reverting to I.E. in a hurry.

One personal hate was the coloring of the top “Bar” but it was so easy to change that it was hardly worth mentioning.

I am more then happy to try it further and have currently set it as my default browser.


can firefox be used with mac?


Firefox is the best browser for a PC! It's very secure, you can add and delete specific plug-ins like one that can save some video and some really great tools for pdf's. I design all my webpages via Firefox and I only open up IE now to double check how the page looks. IE seems to let more cookies through and honestly, I have used Firefox so long now that I couldn't even list what IE doesn't do because I just do not use it.

I haven't had any issues with it, and if you do, most likely you need to manual or automatically update your windows. For anyone who does multiple transactions and bill pay via the net, Firefox is the way to add that extra boost of security.

Missy T


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i feel exactly the same way, but my toolbars and other items seem to change on their own and i am sick of it. i do not even have the toolbar i had 2 days ago. my boss uses and swears by firefox but he's a 28 year guy. i wish some one would email me and let me know 1. can i just try it and 2. can i resume explorer if i so choose.


OK, so my friend and my brother keep hyping firefox. is it really all that much better? i'm a diehard explorer user, not so much because i love it and swear by it, but because, 1. i'm a creature of habit (i order the same thing at my favorite restaurant FOR YEARS), 2. i don't want to rock the boat by messing with microsoft (yes, i'm a little scaredy cat) and 3. i just don't have the time to convert it over and learn a new way. i know what you're going to say, in the time you spent typing this post, you could've switched to firefox! as my little brother would say...i'm such a "noob!"

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    • Firefox is a web browser that has several advanced search options.
      By: Tomasz Zajda
      Firefox is a web browser that has several advanced search options.
    • Firefox is available for a range of devices.
      By: Eugenio Marongiu
      Firefox is available for a range of devices.