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What Is Neural Network Analysis?

Jean Marie Asta
Jean Marie Asta

Neural network analysis is the process of analyzing the mathematical modeling that makes up a neural network. As part of this analysis, the network's ability to recognize patterns and manipulate data may be tested. The ability of the network to learn may also be evaluated. Software is available that can help with the performance of neural network analysis.

One of the main purposes of neural networks is to provide people the ability to process large amounts of data. These systems can learn to recognize patterns and make predictions based on real-world scenarios. They can also be used to test out these predictions and make appropriate changes to data systems. A person engaging in neural network analysis uses this information to help implement and oversee the changes that the neural network suggests or attempts to create.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

There are many kinds of software available to assist a person in neural network analysis. These forms of software break down the results of a neural network’s findings. This allows a person to make very accurate predictions by presenting the data in an easily digestible format. The software may also allow the user to test out various changes to the system in order to ensure that the action recommended in the analysis will be effective if it is carried out.

Neural network analysis can be applied to many different systems of data in a multitude of fields. It can aid a person or business in sales forecasting, customer research, and target marketing. Analysis of neural networks can also be helpful in streamlining industrial processes and assessing risks in a variety of businesses.

This type of analysis can also be used to determine the effectiveness of a neural network’s ability to learn. The results of a neural network’s interpretation of a data system can be compared to the data after it has been interpreted by a human user. The analyst can then check to see if the neural network requires additional programming or if it has effectively developed its ability to learn and process information.

Neural networks are also used to create models of the whole human body. This allows workers in the health care field to test out the results of a medical action such as a surgery. Various potential actions could be simulated, then the information gathered could be subjected to analysis. The results can be used to help doctors take the appropriate action.

Whether neural networks are performing some of their more basic functions such as helping people to solve statistical problems or whether they are creating simulations of complex environments for testing, analysis is an essential part of making a neural network useful. As neural networks advance and evolve, the uses for them will continue to grow. The demand for people who are skilled at neural network analysis will also grow as a result.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer