What is Object Oriented Programming?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Object oriented programming (OOP) is a model of programming language that focuses on the use of objects instead of actions in order to carry out tasks. This involves taking an approach that is more mindful of data and less concerned with logic, which is more commonly the case in other programming paradigms. The view of objects and actions is the reverse of how it is in other languages, and the emphasis is on the objects themselves rather than on the execution of tasks that employ the objects. In like manner, the structure does not consider deciding on how to employ the logic, but on the definition of the data that will be used in the programming.

Object oriented programming (OOP) is a model of programming language that focuses on the use of objects instead of actions in order to carry out tasks.
Object oriented programming (OOP) is a model of programming language that focuses on the use of objects instead of actions in order to carry out tasks.

Designing computer software with object oriented programming begins with defining the objects that are to be manipulated by the program. The programmer will then begin to identify the relationship between each object, a process usually referred to as data modeling. Essentially, the programmer is seeking to place the objects into a classification, therefore helping to define the data that is part of the inheritance brought to the task by each object. In fact, the process of defining these classes and subclasses of data is normally called inheritance.

OOP also helps to sort objects in a manner that allows for polymorphism to take place. That is, different objects will be able to respond to a common message, but each in a different way that is unique to that object. At the same time, this type of programming allows for the encapsulation of an object, effectively hiding or protecting the data associated with the object from easy view without security access.

One of the advantages of object oriented programming is that the process makes good use of modularity, meaning that objects and tasks are grouped in a way that each module is capable of independent consideration. This can be a great help when making enhancements to a program, as modularity makes it possible to address the task of making alternations to the setup of one portion of the programming without affecting the structure and function of the other modules.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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What are the applications of object oriented programming?


Computers will never be able to form objectives beyond mere logical thinking, that is our job. We use the programming of computers to accomplish a given goal which we determine, and are creating machines which are faster and more capable of executing these simple tasks than we could ever be.



These "logic machines" are primarily helpful to us because of the objectives they accomplish in object oriented programming. Every bit of logic is essential only insofar as it works toward accomplishing a real goal whose value is based on factors beyond logic.


A helpful way to use object oriented programming is in constructing modern handheld and social networking apps for the everyday user. These applications make money off of providing helpful tools to the everyday user and empowering people to get things done using the powerfully logical help of computers, which are basically glorified calculators.


Object oriented programming tutorials are readily available on the internet, and are a helpful way to improve your understanding of computer software and programming. The object of logic in computer programming is more effective when it takes a look at the bigger picture of what it is trying to facilitate. This is the core value of object oriented programming.

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