What is Software for Presentations?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

More commonly referred to as presentation software, software for presentations is a computer program that makes it possible to prepare slide presentations that can include animation and audio as well as text and images. While many of the more popular software for presentations tools are sold under branded names, it is also possible to obtain open source software that can be used for this purpose. Programs of this type can be used in business meetings, community gatherings, and on web sites with equal ease.

Presentation software may be uploaded onto a digital projector.
Presentation software may be uploaded onto a digital projector.

Presentation software is often included in most business-related office packages. Perhaps the most popular of all software for presentations is Microsoft PowerPoint. Included as part of the Microsoft Office suite, the PowerPoint presentation software is extremely easy to use, making it possible for just about anyone to create a basic slide presentation in a short period of time. As with most software for presentations, this product can accommodate voice and visuals, and can also be set to refresh to the next slide using a number of different advancing strategies, a feature that can add another level of visual interest.

PowerPoint is not the only example of software for presentations. An open source software of this type, known as Impress, has many of the same features. Keynote by Apple is another option. Google Presentations is an example of online presentation software that can be used by just about anyone.

In all its incarnations, software for presentations makes it possible to create a slide presentation that can be used for many different purposes. As a sales tool, the software can create a slide show that is ideal for introducing prospective customers to a product or service line. Shows created with sales presentation software can often be looped, or set to repeat until stopped. This makes the use of the software at trade shows and conventions viable as one of the visual elements to draw attendees to a particular exhibit booth.

Because presentation software is available as open source technology, there is no need to actually purchase a program in order to create innovative and entertaining slide shows. Many of the open source software for presentations can be downloaded with ease, and will come with usage instructions that just about everyone can follow. The availability of the open source program for presentations has made it possible to create electronic slide shows as well as print out the set of slides and use the printed pages to create an old-fashioned flip chart if desired.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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