Where can I Learn Basic Computer Skills?

K T Solis

Most jobs in today's society require that an employee know basic computer skills. This involves knowing how to use word processing software, spreadsheets, and presentation software like PowerPoint. Many people learn these skills in elementary, middle, or high school. For those who never learned such crucial computer skills, it's important they learn them in order to be more desirable in the job market.

Elementary school students are often taught computer skills.
Elementary school students are often taught computer skills.

Some adults learn basic computer skills at the public library. The public library offers free computer classes to people who want to learn how to use it for personal use or the workplace. For example, some libraries may offer classes on computer basics, introduction to Microsoft® Windows, Internet basics, and introduction to Microsoft® Word. All classes are hands-on so students gain real-world experience using a variety of computer applications.

Many schools offer courses that teach basic computer skills.
Many schools offer courses that teach basic computer skills.

People sometimes purchase software tutorials to learn computer skills. People who have their own personal computers can use these tutorials to learn different types of essential software. Most tutorials can teach people how to use Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint, Microsoft® Publisher, and other software that is often used in businesses.

Most public libraries offer free computer classes.
Most public libraries offer free computer classes.

Another way to learn basic computer skills is to enroll in an adult education course. Adult education courses are inexpensive, often held at convenient times and locations, and provide adults with classes that can benefit them in both their personal and business lives. Typical course offerings include introduction to Computers, keyboarding, Microsoft® Access, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® PowerPoint, Microsoft® Office, and Microsoft® Quickbooks. Taking a basic computer skills class from an adult education course allows students to receive in-depth knowledge about software that is required in many workplaces.

Others who are already somewhat familiar with computers may want to take a computer skills tutorial online. Many technically savvy people post websites that teach the basics of using computers. Often these websites offer the tutorials free of charge. Whether someone wants to learn the most rudimentary computer skills, web design, or Internet basics, distance education schools can help adults learn more about computers and computer applications.

In order to be competitive in the job market, it's imperative that people learn computer skills so they can find a job in today's technology-based world. Most well-paying jobs require that employees are familiar with computer applications and able to learn new software. Classes at the public library, software tutorials, adult education courses, and online tutorials and classes are some of the simplest ways to learn basic computer skills without spending a great deal of money.

Most people today need to know how to create computer spreadsheets.
Most people today need to know how to create computer spreadsheets.

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Good article.


Cafe41- I wanted to add that Microsoft offers computer network training online as well. This program can also prepare a student for certification exams for MCSE, which is the Microsoft service engineer certification.

This can make it really easy for those wanting to get Microsoft certified to do so while preparing in their home, instead of going into a classroom


Computer skills training are usually provided in local schools as adult education programs as well as in community colleges.

Basic computer skills that includes sending e-mail and using the Internet as well as familiarity with many of Microsoft office programs is offered.

Sometimes libraries will offer this training free of charge on Saturday afternoons.

Many software programs also include detailed instructions on how to perform the basic functions. Online programs that provide multiple instructions in Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel teach many online computer skills.

Usually these companies will give you access to their training once you pay a yearly fee. This fee can range but it's usually about $100 for entire year of training.

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