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What is Speech Recognition?

C. Daw
C. Daw

Speech recognition is computer based software that not only simplifies dictating, but also aids in transcribing, managing emails, streamlines repetitive tasks, and lessens the instances of stress related work injuries that appear from constant similar tasks. Speech recognition is basically a way for medical professionals to speak into a microphone attached to the computer, from which the program will transform it into written words. This speeds up many different processes because the average person can speak much faster than they can type. This means that a letter or email can be finished within a matter of minutes, rather than at the slower pace of typing.

When speech recognition software first hit the market, they were expensive additions for any medical office to try and acquire. Since then, many upgrades and changes have been made, and since the demand for them has gone up substantially, the cost for them has come down into a range that is affordable for most offices, including smaller scale buildings that house only a few physicians or services. The software is also compatible with most medical record applications, so it is much more versatile. The benefits of this software is now available for all medical practices throughout the world and saves a substantial amount of time for people who are required to transcribe and keep records of every visit.


One complication that accompanies speech recognition in the medical industry is that when the software is first set up, recognition patterns will have to be "taught" to the computer. As time goes by, and the system learns the specific transcribing processes and words, it will adapt and accommodate the users. However, the learning process may become frustrating because the medical professional may have to teach the software as they go. This process will slow the task down slightly, but still allows the user to accomplish the job at a faster speed than could be expected from completing it by hand.

Other than the improved efficiency that can be gained from speech recognition software, there are some basic tasks that can be accomplished by speaking rather typing. Most common Windows systems can be navigated through the program, as well as managing specific emails by simply talking into the microphone and letting the voice recognition software take over. This increases the productivity of any medical office, and goes a long way in producing a paperless company that is conscious of today’s environmental concerns. Voice recognition software, when used properly within the medical industry, can save time, money, and drastically increase the productivity of the entire office.

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