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What Is Video Caller ID?

Alex Newth
Alex Newth

Video caller identification (ID) applications are used primarily on mobile phones and allow the user to set a video to play when someone calls. Any audio usually is from the video file, though it also can be added from another source if the video caller ID program offers that feature. While video caller ID programs allow the user to personalize his or her phone, they can take up a lot of memory. Some versions of this software will not show that someone is calling if the user is already talking on the phone, which may make this program inconvenient.

Most mobile phones come with a caller ID feature that identifies who is calling, and some phones allow the user to load an image or music file for use when a particular person is calling. With video caller ID programs, the user is able to load a video, which will appear on the phone’s main screen. This allows the user to personalize his or her phone, though these programs do not have any inherent functionality aside from this. Video caller IDs can only be used on mobile phones that are able to play videos.

Woman holding a disc
Woman holding a disc

Along with video, most video caller ID programs also can play audio with the video; this depends on the software version and developer and the phone’s make and model. The audio usually comes from the video file itself. Some programs allow the user to splice in different audio, such as music, but this often requires some editing work on the user’s behalf.

A major problem with using video caller ID is that it takes up a lot of memory, and most mobile phones do not have much memory to spare. Video files are usually several megabytes in size, while most audio ringtones are just 1 megabyte or less. This means the user either must use a large amount of the mobile phone’s internal memory, if the phone comes with internal memory, or must use an external memory card to store the videos.

Some users may not find video caller ID programs convenient, because some programs are unable to show users when a person is calling if users are already speaking with someone else. For business users, or anyone who receives a large number of phone calls, this may result in missing important calls. Users may want to check the video caller ID manual to see if this does or does not occur before deciding whether the program is worth the risk.

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    • Woman holding a disc
      Woman holding a disc