What is Wiselink?

R. Kayne

Wiselink™ Pro is a Samsung® technology built into some of their large-screen television models. These models are equipped with a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port to accommodate external storage devices such as flash drives, flash card readers, and MP3 players. Using Wiselink, one can play sound files, view digital photographs or watch multimedia clips or movies. Function varies between original Wiselink and Wiselink Pro, and might also vary between models, depending on which flavor of Wiselink is incorporated.

Wiselink® has a USB port for flash drives.
Wiselink® has a USB port for flash drives.

To use Wiselink, simply plug a device into the USB port then switch the television to the Wiselink mode. This mode interacts with the USB port by providing various kinds of controls and options. For example, one can navigate through simple menus to engage a slide projector function to view a folder of vacation photos in JPEG format.

Boy watching a movie using Wiselink®.
Boy watching a movie using Wiselink®.

With the television at the heart of today’s entertainment center, the Wiselink port also allows easy access to the attached multi-channel, surround sound system. MP3 music players with the ability to hold one’s entire music library can be played through the best system in the house without need of a proprietary external speaker system. However, Samsung’s website states that Wiselink does not support the iPod®. To get around this, non-proprietary MP3 players are very inexpensive and could be used in the iPod's stead for this purpose.

Wiselink allows MP3 players to connect to some Samsung large-screen television models.
Wiselink allows MP3 players to connect to some Samsung large-screen television models.

Samsung’s Wiselink Pro also supports video codecs: MPEG1, MPEG2 PS/TS and MPEG4/H.264, making it possible to watch home movies downloaded from the digicam to flash storage devices. Without the USB port, one either has to drag out audio and video cables to connect the movie camera directly via auxiliary ports on the television (not always conveniently located), or burn movies to a compact disc or DVD. USB conveniently allows for more spontaneity in sharing holiday, wedding, birthday, graduation or vacation movies with friends and family.

If you’ve downloaded purchased movies or television programs to your PC, you can copy them to a memory stick and pop the stick in the USB port to watch these shows on your entertainment center. Never mind the expense and hassle of buying blank DVDs and taking the time to burn each program or movie to disk. With Wiselink your movie library can remain in a convenient, portable file format.

Samsung televisions and Wiselink might be upgradeable through firmware. Supported formats might also change with time, as could other features of this interoperable technology.

USB conveniently allows for more spontaneity in sharing holiday and vacation images with family and friends.
USB conveniently allows for more spontaneity in sharing holiday and vacation images with family and friends.

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But there are no outputs for a second monitor. It would be great to have two televisions together for gaming.


Post 1: I have a Samsung Blue Ray player and it works great on my 50 inch Samsung viewing family photos. Just plug in your flash card into the Blue ray go to menu on the blue ray remote select photo and play. The clarity is great even with old photo's which I scanned on a disc and transferred to the flash card. Enjoy.


Since last week, updates of microsoft, the wise pro server crashes when i trry to update the library.


If your Samsung is 120hz like mine, then movies on a USB stick look like crap. It's as if it they were filmed with a HD home video camera, and there is no way to fix it.


Wiselink Pro can be used to access a wide range of media from a Windows PC or server using a DLNA compliant server (eg. PS3 mediaserver) and the network link. It does not support MKV files (although I have been informed that if you change the media file extension from 'mkv' to 'avi' then it will work) and you are limited to only 21 entries per directory node. If only Samsung used a Sony style XMB interface.


I have a Samsung LN32A650 TV. It appears that the Wiselink port is damaged such that I cannot insert a USB flash drive into it. Is it possible to replace the Wiselink port on the TV? Thanks. --Saleem


I used mine for the first time yesterday with a stack of family photos. Pretty slick.


Would be awesome if it actually worked. have had a number of USB devices plugged in and none read.


wecallherana is right. Another good analogy would be they way memory cards work on a platform gaming system. Depending on your age, you might remember how the original Playstation had a memory card in it. The Wiselink technology works the exact same way, but it's universal with all USB storage devices.


@win199 - actually, the Wiselink technology works inside of the television. It's kind of like plugging in a jump drive to your USB ports on your computer. It will pick it up and read it right away.


Name brands like Samsung, Sony, and LG are great brands! The Samsung name has been around for ages and they always produce quality items (in my opinion, anyway).

Samsung's development of Wiselink makes movie watching so portable. You don't have to have a DVD player in your car, just a laptop. Stuck on a plane? Think laptop! It's pretty awesome.


Putting a movie on a flash drive and being able to watch it on the big tv with the whole family is fantastic!

I guess Samsung is the only brand that has this, I don't even recall what Samsung quality is like, anyone have one?

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