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Where is the 'Any Key' on a Keyboard?

The elusive 'Any Key' is a humorous tech myth; it doesn't physically exist on keyboards. This term often pops up in software instructions, leaving users baffled. It simply means to press any key of your choice to proceed. Have you ever encountered this quirky prompt? Share your experiences and learn more about other keyboard mysteries in our article.
L. S. Wynn
L. S. Wynn
L. S. Wynn
L. S. Wynn

Sometimes during software installation or hardware configuration, a computer user is asked to "press any key to continue". The misinterpretation of this instruction has become a great joke amongst the computer-savvy. Techies love to imagine a user searching their keyboard for the "any key". There are a few keys on the keyboard that no one seems to use like "scroll lock" so the presence of an "any key" seems at least remotely plausible. The user searches around, checking each key twice, but when they come up empty handed, they call tech-support and ask "where is the any key?" While such a call has undoubtedly occurred, it's hopefully not too common!

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People often say that something is as plain as the nose on your face but without a mirror you really don't know what it looks like. the obvious is not always visible.


May I say that your answer is thoughtful and very correct! I sometimes can't believe people are *that* stupid!

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    • A keyboard.
      By: Natalia Merzlyakova
      A keyboard.