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Can I Rent a Laptop?

Shannon Kietzman
Shannon Kietzman

If you need to temporarily use a laptop, but are not quite ready to purchase one yet, it is possible to rent a laptop from a variety of companies. You might want to first consider visiting a local computer shop and inquiring about rentals. If you do not have a computer shop nearby or if the rental prices seem too high to you, you can also search online for remote companies that are willing to rent a computer to anyone in the country.

If you decide to rent a laptop from an online company, there are several things you should consider. First, most of these companies do not include the price of shipping the laptop to you in their fees. Therefore, be prepared to pay extra for shipping if you decide to rent one. The total shipping costs are usually determined by the weight of the laptop you select, how quickly you need the laptop, and how far you live from the company.

It is possible to rent a laptop from several companies.
It is possible to rent a laptop from several companies.

Another consideration is laptop insurance. Some companies offer this insurance at an extra cost but most companies do not. In this case, you might want to contact your business insurance or your homeowner’s insurance in order to add a rider to your policy to cover the laptop. This is a wise step to take when you decide to rent a machine, because you are completely responsible for the laptop if it becomes damaged or lost. With insurance coverage, you know you are protected if something should happen to your rental.

When you rent a laptop, you also need to be aware of precisely what type of equipment you need included in your set-up. For example, the rental company usually has a variety of operating systems to select from. In addition, some laptops may include modems, while others may not. If you require a specific operating system or a modem, be sure to request these specifications when you request the rental. Similarly, you do not want extras on the system that you do not need because you will generally pay more for added equipment.

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the stupidest idea I have ever heard of. the rates are ridiculous, including security deposits you almost pay the thing.


Renting is great if you're a student. it helps with cash flow and enables to focus on what's important: your studying.


If you require to rent a laptop either Windows or Apple, in the UK, when on a business trip I can recommend Rent IT who can arrange delivery and collection from your hotel, not only in London but throughout the UK.


that's great. Also check They deliver laptops nationwide. Their service and price is unbeatable.


I came across a rental company while searching for laptop rentals. The price was very affordable and the delivery was quick. I also ordered a broadband card and was able to communicate online while away from home.

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    • It is possible to rent a laptop from several companies.
      By: Minerva Studio
      It is possible to rent a laptop from several companies.