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What is Laptop Insurance?

Laptop insurance is a safeguard for your portable computer, covering theft, accidental damage, and sometimes even technical faults beyond the warranty. It's peace of mind for your digital lifeline, whether for work, study, or play. Considering the investment a laptop represents, isn't it worth protecting? Discover how laptop insurance can be your tech's best ally. What coverage is right for you?
Ashtyn Evans
Ashtyn Evans

Laptop Insurance is a special type of insurance that is meant to protect your laptop and associated peripherals should something happen. This includes printers and depending on your insurance could include other external components as well software applications. The majority of insurance companies have very strict policies about what is and is not covered under their laptop insurance.

For instance, the insurance company will pay for total loss due to accidental damages. If your laptop was stolen from your locked car this means your insurance should cover it. However, if your car was unlocked at the time of the theft it would not be covered. Accidental damage means that you did what you could to protect your laptop, but it was still damaged.

A laptop insurance agreement.
A laptop insurance agreement.

Other things that are not covered by insurance include viruses, gradual breakdown of your laptop, damage that you inflict upon your laptop, or the loss of your laptop due to it being left in a particular place. If you purchase insurance for your laptop, it is generally assumed that you are a responsible laptop user and are hoping to be protected yourself from the unknown.

Laptop insurance protects a computer and accessories if something happens.
Laptop insurance protects a computer and accessories if something happens.

If laptop insurance sounds like something you need you should be hesitant before jumping right in and choosing a company to insure your laptop. There are many things you need to consider, to make sure you are getting what you pay for. First, as with any insurance, you need to determine the deductible. If your laptop was inexpensive and your deductible for your insurance is high, it may not be worth getting the insurance at all.

Laptop insurance can cover theft.
Laptop insurance can cover theft.

Next you should determine what the insurance agency considers to be peripherals. Is your laptop insurance going to cover anything that you use on your laptop or are only certain items covered? If you travel you need to find out if there is a particular coverage area for your laptop insurance to be active. Is your insurance active at home and at school or if you take it on a trip? Even if you have worldwide coverage, you should inquire about where theft of your laptop is covered. If it is covered from a locked car but not one that is unlocked, what are the limitations in homes and other areas?

Each insurance company is different so you have to check into their policies before choosing the right one for you. Pay special attention to the information dealing with claims. What do you have to show proof of to receive a payment from your insurance company? Do you need a receipt alone or is a serial number required? If the laptop suffered damages and needs repair, do they have a list of acceptable service centers or do you have the option of choosing your own? Furthermore, will you receive a replacement laptop until yours is fixed?

Some of these questions may seem unnecessary before purchasing your laptop insurance, but when it comes time to cash in you will be glad you asked and chose the perfect insurance to suit your needs.

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Sounds like I should get some computer insurance! After my last laptop spill it sounds like it could really save me. Thanks for sharing!!


@anon17224: A good company to go with for laptop insurance if you are expecting to travel and want to be protected worldwide then the only place to go with for that is Worth Ave. Group. They also cover viruses, which is considered vandalism by Worth Ave. Group.


Safeware Insurance specializes in electronics. They have been great for my MacBook Pro. I had a liquid spill and they took care of it promptly.


I did not find many laptop insurance companies and I travel frequently. Can someone recommend one?

My son got his stolen in NYC and my teacher in Maryland got his stolen in Silver Spring, MD.


This is who I just signed up with! After reading all the terms and conditions of the other guys Worth Ave Group seems to be the best choice! They let me include my blackberry to the policy for $5!


I found this article about laptop insurance useful but would still some advice on a good company to use, I would like to be insured anywhere in the world at anytime. Any suggestions


It is worth considering if your laptop insurance policy comes with a minimum contract length. Many companies only cover for a minimum of 1 year period, so if you want cover for a shorter time, for example while away at university or staying abroad then try an alternative.

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    • A laptop insurance agreement.
      By: alexskopje
      A laptop insurance agreement.
    • Laptop insurance protects a computer and accessories if something happens.
      By: Minerva Studio
      Laptop insurance protects a computer and accessories if something happens.
    • Laptop insurance can cover theft.
      By: Syda Productions
      Laptop insurance can cover theft.