How can I Prevent Laptop Theft?

Jacob Queen

According to many security experts, the best way to prevent laptop theft is to do whatever it takes to keep your laptop with you whenever possible. The easiest way to have your laptop stolen is usually to leave it unattended, especially in a place outside your own home. It generally only takes a second or two for a thief to grab your laptop while you’re not looking, so some people say it’s better to keep your laptop in a backpack. This often works better than a briefcase or something you hold in your hand because you won’t feel so compelled to walk away from it. When you do have to leave your laptop, it is usually better to put it inside something large with a lock.

In order to prevent theft, don't ever leave your laptop unattended.
In order to prevent theft, don't ever leave your laptop unattended.

In the old days of computers, laptops were much rarer, mostly because they were actually more expensive than most desktop computers and much less powerful. Things have changed over time, and this, along with other mobile lifestyle changes, has led to a vast increase in the amount of technological equipment people carry around. As a result, people have also trended towards carrying around more data, and some of it is very vital information that they wouldn’t want to share with others. In fact, one of the biggest motivators for laptop theft is the potential for thieves to steal a person’s private information.

Leaving a laptop visible in a car can invite theft.
Leaving a laptop visible in a car can invite theft.

Many experts suggest people usually lose their laptops by simply leaving them behind. For example, some people might open a laptop at a restaurant to do some work, and then leave without bringing it along. After this, the laptop is sitting there on the table without anybody watching it, and someone may decide to pick it up. Some of these people may be honest enough to look for the owner, while others may decide to keep the laptop for themselves without a second thought.

One measure some people take to protect themselves from laptop theft is to enlist the help of a laptop tracking service. These companies will use electronic means to track your laptop down if it is stolen. Their prices for this kind of laptop theft protection vary, and the technology they use to find laptops is changing all the time, but some of them offer to pay you enough money to buy another laptop if they ever fail to find one after it gets stolen. The real question regarding these services is whether or not you are willing to pay a monthly fee for that kind of protection, and that may depend on how much you value your laptop or data.

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