How do I Choose the Best Laptop Case?

B. Miller

A laptop case, also called a laptop bag, is a necessity if you will frequently be traveling with your laptop, even just up the street to a coffee shop. A laptop case not only protects your laptop from damage, but it also allows you to bring extra items with you, such as an extra battery, a mouse or documents to work on. Any other computer accessories you need can also be carried in a laptop bag.

It's important to have a laptop case if you will be traveling with your computer frequently.
It's important to have a laptop case if you will be traveling with your computer frequently.

When choosing a laptop case, begin by considering what you will use the bag for. Do you frequently travel, and will need to easily remove the laptop from the bag at an airport? Traveling with a laptop also means the laptop is more likely to be dropped or damaged, so you will probably want to purchase a sturdier bag. Or, do you predominantly just bring your laptop back and forth to work? In that case, maybe you will want a more stylishly designed laptop bag that can also hold folders or documents.

If you are bringing your laptop to school in a laptop case, a bag that is designed to be sturdy enough to hold textbooks might be the best choice. There are backpacks specially designed to hold laptops, along with books or other school materials. Laptop cases are made from different materials, including leather and vinyl, among others.

Keep in mind that it might not be a good idea to advertise that you are carrying an expensive computer. Laptop bags are frequently designed now to look like simple briefcases, backpacks or oversized purses. Your laptop is less likely to be stolen if it is carried in a more inconspicuous laptop case.

There are other laptop bag options. A laptop sleeve is one choice -- this is a simple protective sleeve that slips over your laptop designed to provide a thin layer of cushioning. Laptop sleeves are not designed for heavy use, but they can be a good supplement when placed over the laptop and then inside a laptop case.

As with any accessory, laptop cases are available in any color or style you can imagine. They are designed to fit your lifestyle and make transporting your laptop and any other items easier, along with protecting your laptop from damage. If you do not wish to purchase a specialized laptop case, a simple tote bag will also work, and will again make your laptop less conspicuous to potential thieves.

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