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What are the Different Types of Laptop Stickers?

B. Miller
B. Miller

There are a number of different types of laptop stickers that may be used to decorate or protect the laptop. Small, decorative stickers are some of the most common, which are placed on the outside of the case but do not cover the entire case; these may also be referred to as laptop decals. Larger laptop stickers include laptop skins, which fit over the entire case and help to protect it from scratches, as well as adding aesthetic appeal and making the computer more easy to identify. Laptop keyboard stickers may be placed on each individual key on the keyboard, which can also help to change the look of the laptop.

Decorative laptop stickers are easy to find and apply. These are popular among people who want to show off their allegiance to a certain cause, for example, or a preference for a favorite band. It is best to choose stickers or laptop decals that are specifically designed for laptops, because these will be easier to remove if desired. Other stickers can become impossible to remove over time, or may leave sticky residue on the case that will attract dirt and grime. Search online for laptop decals that are easy to apply and remove.

Laptop stickers can be used to protect or decorate a laptop.
Laptop stickers can be used to protect or decorate a laptop.

Among the more popular laptop stickers are adhesive skins. These fit over the whole case of the laptop, completely changing the look of it. As these are typically designed for laptops, they are usually easy to remove. Custom designs may be purchased online, or there are many pre-made designs in different patterns, such as geometric patterns, floral or nature images, or pictures from a favorite interest such as a sports team. Laptop skins serve a functional purpose as well, because they help to protect the case from dings and scratches; of course, it is still important to carry the laptop carefully in a thicker case to prevent damage to the computer itself if it is dropped.

Laptop keyboard stickers are popular as well. They can help to give the keyboard a unique design, such as a vintage look, the appearance of many different colored keys, or even a complete image in the background. They may also be used to add a second set of characters in a different language, for example. These can be difficult to apply and remove, so it is important to be careful during the application process and make sure each of the individual stickers is centered on the keys. Laptop stickers can be a great and inexpensive way to freshen up the look of an older laptop, or to personalize a new one.

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@Melonlity -- some manufacturers have gotten smart about locating those stickers in the battery compartment where it is better protected. That's a good move because losing that information could cause trouble if you get your laptop serviced.


A sticker that is very common is one that is put on the bottom by the manufacturer. That one isn't what you'd call decorative but it is very useful -- it is the sticker the identifies the user as a legitimate owner of the laptop's operating system. That one usually contains the serial number you will need if you ever need to replace your operating system or prove that you are authorized to use it.

It is a good idea to write down that serial number and keep it somewhere safe. Quite often, the heat the laptop generates will fade out the sticker.

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    • Laptop stickers can be used to protect or decorate a laptop.
      By: Gajus
      Laptop stickers can be used to protect or decorate a laptop.