How do I Advertise a Website?

Margo Upson
Margo Upson

The best way to build up a following for any website is to advertise it. Advertising gives website owners a chance to introduce their website to potential customers. It doesn't take a lot of special skills or even a lot of money to advertise a website. Some of the most effective ways are free.

Social media is an effective way to drive traffic to your website.
Social media is an effective way to drive traffic to your website.

Traditional media advertising, through newspaper, magazine, radio, and television, can be a great way to reach hundreds, if not thousands or even millions, of potential consumers with one effective advertisement. Although this is normally reserved for websites that are already popular, and can afford the high cost of these advertising campaigns, it can also work well for newer websites. Seeking out a local magazine that connects with the site's target audience can really have a huge pay-off. Contacting the advertising department of any traditional media company can give you the details for what it would take to run an advertisement in its paper, magazine, or broadcast.

Traditional media advertising, such as radio and television, can be a great way to reach potential consumers with one effective advertisement.
Traditional media advertising, such as radio and television, can be a great way to reach potential consumers with one effective advertisement.

Television and radio are less effective tools for smaller websites to use, as they require an actual commercial to be created and then aired for a typically steep fee. It will be harder for an advertisement played on the radio or on a television station to convince people to visit the site. This is mostly because the site is not written down for them, as it would be if it were in a magazine or newspaper, making it less likely that people will remember, and then visit, the site. Having an easy to remember website address, and repeating it often throughout the advertisement, can help compensate for this problem.

Even print ads have a lower chance of encouraging visits than other website advertising options. One of the best ways to advertise a website is to take advantage of advertising programs on the Internet. Pay per click advertising is one of the most popular forms of online advertising available. You will only pay for the ad when someone accesses your site through the advertisement. The ad will be placed on websites with relevant content, allowing you to reach a target audience that would be inaccessible through traditional advertising methods.

Online advertising is easy to set up. Many search engines and other advertisement sites will walk you through the process of developing an advertisement. Some websites offer advertising positions without going through a middle party. If you have found a website that is popular with the target group your site has been built for, you may be able to set up an advertisement on the site by contacting the webmaster or advertising director for the website.

A third way to advertise a website is through social medial. This method is usually free, but it does require the most time. Social media is one of the most effective ways to draw people to a website. It involves the website owner developing an online profile, and then interacting and building relationships with other people online. As a business builds up its popularity, it will see the amount of traffic on its website increasing.

Social media had led to a boom in word of mouth advertising, which is another no- or low-cost way to advertise a website. Website visitors who like what they find on the site will often encourage others to visit the site as well. Having a quality website, and offering what people are looking for when they arrive at a site, can improve the chances that visitors will spread the word, advertising a website for free based on their own recommendations. Posting regular updates about your website, as well as occasionally posts about you personally and regularly commenting on what others are posting, can quickly build a following. By advertising on the social media site a few times a day, depending on the platform you are using, it is possible to gain a lot of traffic for free.

It is not difficult to learn how to advertise a website. Website owners with less free time and money to invest in their site may choose to go with the more expensive options, reaching thousands of interested people through a single advertisement. Other website owners, with less money to spend or more time available, may choose social media as a way to advertise their site. Either way can be very successful, as long as it is done correctly.

Margo Upson
Margo Upson

Margo has a varied academic background, which has involved everything from psychology and culinary arts to criminal justice and education. These wide-ranging interests make her an ideal EasyTechJunkie writer, as she always enjoys becoming an expert on new and unfamiliar topics.

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A business partner and I were attempting to get a business off the ground and we were hoping our website would be a major way of attracting customers. We spent on radio ads and newspaper ads up front. As it turned out, this was not a wise move.

The newspaper ads brought in some inquiries, but the ads did not generate enough revenue to make them worthwhile. Starting out, When money is an issue, you should concentrate on ways to advertise your business for free or at very low prices.


For me, getting to know other website owners and developing a relationship with them has allowed me to find other websites where I can advertise my site.

When I see a website that I think attracts the type of viewers who would be interested in my site, I contact the owner of that site and ask whether I can advertise my website on his site in exchange for allowing him to do the same on my site. We can also create links on one another's sites. These links are great for bringing new traffic to a site.

Of course, this does not work with competing websites, but when the sites offer different products or services, but appeal to the same consumers then it is a perfect relationship.

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