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How Do I Choose the Best Call Blocker?

Choosing the best call blocker hinges on reliability, ease of use, and compatibility with your phone system. Look for one with a robust database of spam numbers and user-friendly updating features. Consider call blockers that offer customization to your personal blacklist. Curious about the nuances of call-blocking technology and how it can restore your peace of mind? Let's delve deeper.
Alex Newth
Alex Newth

A call blocker is a phone application that helps you prevent people from being able to phone you — whether on a landline or mobile phone — from certain numbers, and there are some features to look at before choosing an application. Many call blocker applications, especially those for mobile phones, only work on a so-called jailbroken system, which may or may not be an issue. If you only want to block calls at certain times of the day, then a scheduling feature may be useful. This type of program often has difficulty blocking private or anonymous numbers, and finding a program that also can block these numbers can help if someone using this type of number harasses you. Blocking efficiency is perhaps one of the most important features, because people normally want a program that will always block a number once the program has been told to do so.

Jailbreaking a mobile phone involves using a program or going through a process to open up the phone to third-party applications. Many call blocker programs require that your mobile phone be jailbroken, but this can present some problems. This can immediately void your warranty, and there is a higher chance of viruses getting into your mobile system, because the programs you install may be unauthorized. This means that getting a program that works with your mobile phone’s natural state usually is better.

Cell phones have many customization options.
Cell phones have many customization options.

Sometimes you just need to block numbers during a certain part of the day. A call blocker with a scheduling feature enables you to set when the blocker guards you against phone calls. This feature is not always necessary but, if you need only temporary relief from phone calls, then this feature can be beneficial.

Using a call blocker normally means you have to manually enter the phone numbers to be blocked. You cannot manually enter private or anonymous numbers, because the numbers themselves do not show up, so many call blockers find it difficult to guard you against these calls. This means it may be a good idea to get a blocker that protects against these numbers without requiring manual entry.

Some call blocker programs can void phone warranties.
Some call blocker programs can void phone warranties.

A call blocker is made to keep calls from reaching your phone, so blocking efficiency often is very important. This feature normally is difficult to judge without using the blocker for an extended amount of time. Most blockers may slip up every now and then, accidentally allowing an unauthorized call to happen about once a month, and it normally is best to get an application that rarely slips up.

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There's actually another alternative to jail breaking your phone and getting a call blocker application. You can simply get one of those Internet phone numbers. There are a few different applications that allow you to get a phone number and it will ring to your phone, as long as you have the application installed.

These applications usually allow you to block calls, or only receive calls at a certain time. Plus, downloading an application is a lot easier than jail breaking your phone, and it won't void the warranty.

@Azuza - It's true, most people don't really need a call blocker application. But it can certainly come in handy, especially if you're being harassed by someone that's calling you from a bunch of different numbers.

A good friend of mine was being harassed by a crazy ex, and he would call her from literally hundreds of different numbers. It would have been hard to call the phone company and get all of them blocked.

Eventually, she decided to jailbreak her phone and get a call blocker application that would allow her to only accept calls from certain numbers she programed in. To everyone else who tried to call her, it seemed like her number had changed.


I don't think getting a call blocker application is strictly necessary for most people and it's certainly not worth the trouble of jail breaking your phone and potentially voiding the warranty! (I have a few friends that have actually ruined their phones by trying to jail break them, but I digress.)

Most cell phone companies can block a certain number for you, if you call them and ask them to do it. And if you don't want to receive phone calls during certain times of the day, either turn your phone off or turn it on silent. Problem solved!

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    • Cell phones have many customization options.
      By: Robert Kneschke
      Cell phones have many customization options.
    • Some call blocker programs can void phone warranties.
      By: sanjagrujic
      Some call blocker programs can void phone warranties.
    • A call blocker may prevent certain people from calling someone on their landline or cell phones.
      By: Alex
      A call blocker may prevent certain people from calling someone on their landline or cell phones.
    • Call blocking allows an owner of a telephone to block certain numbers.
      By: Konstantin Sutyagin
      Call blocking allows an owner of a telephone to block certain numbers.